Working at Home

Use these resources to continue your learning at home.

If necessary, use the curriculum maps to remind yourself of what we would be learning if we were in school - HERE

Scroll down to the Assignment document for your year. You can find any Resources referred to in the All Resources section below this. There are also books related to many of your courses (see below).

If you are not sure where to start, follow your usual school timetable. For example, if you have maths first thing on a Monday then start with maths and then move on to the next lesson you would have on a Monday, and so on.

This work is intended to last a minimum of two weeks and, in many cases, substantially longer. It will be updated on an ongoing basis.

If you complete the work set

  1. Use this time to self-quiz material you’ve been taught already so it gets stuck in your long term memory. If you can’t remember how to do this, our video is at the bottom of this page. You should have knowledge organisers for many of your subjects printed out in your books. But if you can’t find them, knowledge organisers for each subject are in the All Resources section.
  2. Read up about the subjects using articles on Britannica. Instructions below.
  3. If you still want additional work, contact your teacher.

During term time, if you cannot locate a resource, contact your teacher in the first instance. If your teacher does not respond within 24 hours (Monday to Friday in term time), contact

You can use Microsoft Teams to communicate with your teacher if you want further guidance or feedback on your work. Here is a guide on how to use it.

You can also email your teachers from your school email account, as you would normally. Do not use a personal email account as teachers will not respond to this. Please note that teachers will not be responding to emails during school holidays.

Having trouble logging into your school files from home? Follow these instructions: HERE

If you still have any issues, send us some screen captures so we can provide further assistance.

Electronic Books

FREE electronic books containing videos and animations for English, maths, science, history, geography, languages and more (mostly aimed at GCSE students but many are accessible for younger years). - HERE

Reading with your child at home

Why reading is such a valuable part of your child's routine in the coming weeks. See our advice on books to read and how to get the most out of your reading - HERE

How to use this page? FAQ Video

Useful Resources for Parents of Children with SEND

Here you can find resources that may be of use during this period of school closure. 



Work Updates - 1st April

The work has been refreshed so it contains learning for at least the first two weeks after the Easter holiday - in many cases there is a lot more. Please do not worry if you have not completed the work already set – just do what you can. Take it one piece at a time. You can find the work set prior to this update at the bottom of this page. The next update will be in the last week of April.

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 10


Year 11


Year 12


Year 13


Home Learning Resources for ALL Years

Notice For those accessing files on an iPhone or iPad, there is a free Microsoft Word app on the Apple Store

which will allow you to access Word documents -

SubjectDownload Link
ArtDownload HERE
Business StudiesDownload HERE
ChildcareDownload HERE
Computer ScienceDownload HERE
DanceDownload HERE
Design & TechnologyDownload HERE
DramaDownload HERE
EnglishDownload HERE
GeographyDownload HERE
Health & Social CareDownload HERE
HistoryDownload HERE
ICTDownload HERE
LanguagesDownload HERE
LawDownload HERE
MathsDownload HERE
MediaDownload HERE
Physical EducationDownload HERE
PsychologyDownload HERE
RE & PhilosophyDownload HERE
ScienceSee Assignment Document (above) for your year group.
SociologyDownload HERE
StatisticsDownload HERE


Britannica School - Resource for ALL Subjects

We have a subscription to this encyclopaedic resource which contains articles for you to read which are related to everything we study in school.


If you are in Year 7/8, you will probably want to start with Foundation, Years 9/10/11 with Intermediate and Years 12/13 with Advanced, but you can change your Reading Level later (3 is the most challenging, 1 the least challenging).



Self Quizzing | Resources for All Subjects

Watch our video instructional video.

Select a chunk of knowledge related to the topic you would currently be studying in school. This may be in your exercise book, in a revision guide or on a knowledge organiser. Then, self-quiz until you have memorised it.

Keeping Mentally Healthy

The most important thing during this time is to stay healthy – and that includes in your mind as well as your body.


Curated playlists of YouTube videos for each subject. Best viewed with Google Chrome.


Previous Assignments

Year GroupSet DateDownload
Year 719.03.2020Download HERE
Year 819.03.2020Download HERE
Year 919.03.2020Download HERE
Year 1019.03.2020Download HERE
Year 1119.03.2020Download HERE
Year 1219.03.2020Download HERE
Year 1319.03.2020Download HERE