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Additional Support

If you are eligible for Free School Meals your child will receive a daily meal saving you on average £400 per child a year. We receive additional funding through Pupil Premium every year. This funding is used to provide additional support and assist in raising achievement for those children that need it the most.

Pupil Premium - Extra Funding

We receive extra funding for every child recorded as being eligible for a free school meal. We receive £1,345 per year for Reception to Year 6 pupils and £955 per year for Year 7 to 11 pupils. Your child does not need to take the meal if you would prefer them not to, but by being registered the school will receive the extra funding.

Food Parcels during Coronavirus

As a school we will contact parents and carers when a pupil has been isolating for reasons relating to Coronavirus for 2 days or more. Contact will be made via text message on the Wednesday of each week.If the parent or carer wishes to have a food parcel, they will need to contact school via by 11.00am on Thursday of that week.Food parcels will then be available for collection between 2.00-3.00pm on Friday of that week. If families are unable to collect the food parcel, we will arrange delivery.Food parcels include a healthy range of ingredients.

Food Parcels or Vouchers during holidays

In light of the government announcement on the 8th November, the government will be expanding holiday activities and food programme. We await further details on this but will provide these when they are released.