Beacon Values

Our pupils, our school, our values

What are Beacon Values?

Barr Beacon Values were created by our pupils for our pupils. These are the values that underpin what it means not just to be a successful pupil but also a successful citizen in modern Britain.

These values represent characteristics which enable our pupils to be compassionate, community-minded individuals who contribute positively to our society, now and in the future.

Hear more from the pupils who developed them below.

The values themselves are listed below:

Beacon Values

Applying to be a Beacon Values Representative

Our pupils drive Beacon Values themselves. It was a group of pupils who came up with the Values in the first place. Beacon Values are central to who we are as a school.

Senior Beacon Values Team

This is the core team of key stage 4 and 5 pupils who will lead on Beacon Values. These pupils will embody the Beacon Values and lead on Beacon Values across our school community. This will involve chairing meetings, providing agenda and minutes sharing communications. It will also involve leading their peers to produce assemblies and coordinate pupil voice about Beacon Values. Together with the representatives, the senior Beacon Values Team will ensure that Beacon Values is a way of life in our school community.

Beacon Values Representative

The Beacon Values representatives will support the vision for Beacon Values across the school. They will do this by applying to represent one of the values that appeals to their skills, talents and beliefs the most. They will collaborate to produce high quality assemblies to share Beacon Values with their peers. They will consider and evaluate how best Beacon Values can be developed and improved to make our school community the best it can be.