Have Your Say

At Barr Beacon, we have been working hard to make sure the pupils’ voice gets heard. To this end, our school council have been tasked with finding out what the school wanted.

School Council acts as an in-between for students to address concerns to a member of the teaching staff. These are the very conscious students who are aware of issues and want to push to make the school a better place.

The School Council meets monthly with Mr Foster to discuss all manner of whole school issues. They are consulted about key policies and contribute to the delivery and planning of tutor time activities and whole school assemblies that support our Beacon Values.

Summary of School Council actions 2020-2021 academic year:

·         Consulted on Covid Mass testing

·         Led changes to PE kit for whole School

·         Consulted on changes to uniform policies for Trousers and Skirts

·         Consulted over changes to our PSHE curriculum and how they like it to be taught.

·         Led Beacon Values assemblies

·         Wrote letters to parents about road safety

·         Petitioned for extra table tennis tables that were provided.

·         Led LGBTQ+ assemblies

·         Led Black History Month assemblies

·         Consulted on site maintenance issues

·         Consulted on online learning

·         Consulted over Bistro menus

·         Purchased books for the icentre

·         Supported changes to the praise points system including introduction of live tables in forms

What the School Council Said- End of Year Review July 2021

School Council Meetings 2021-2022