Have Your Say

At Barr Beacon, we have been working hard to make sure the pupils’ voice gets heard. To this end, our school council have been tasked with finding out what the school wanted.

School Council acts as an in-between for students to address concerns to a member of the teaching staff. These are the very conscious students who are aware of issues and want to push to make the school a better place.

To apply to be a School Council member please send a letter of intent to Mr Brennan.

It must refer to why;

  • You deserve to be a member of School Council?
  • If you have any qualities that would be useful to the School Council.
  • If you have any ideas relating to making the school more Eco-friendly.

The school council team tries to meet once every 3-4 weeks.

A new set of proposals is being debated by leadership at this very moment. So we eagerly await their views. If you have any ideas, views or concerns please speak to your school council representative. Previous proposals that have been actioned include: