SubjectDate PublishedDownload
DofE Gold Award18.07.2022Download HERE
End of Term Information14.07.2022Download HERE
Discovery Week14.07.2022Download HERE
Sports Day11.07.2022Download HERE
HeadTeacher Update05.07.2022Download HERE
Summer School21.06.2022Download HERE
Year 6 Induction Evening & Pupil Induction Day20.06.2022Download HERE
Year 12 Examinations14.06.2022Download HERE
Year 12 University of Birmingham Open Day14.06.2022Download HERE
Year 10 Geography Fieldtrip13.06.2022Download HERE
Walsall School Nursing Team – Sexual Health Presentation13.06.2022Download HERE
Turing Parent Meeting Letter08.06.2022Download HERE
Diana Awards –Mentoring Programme24..05.2022Download HERE
Trust New Schools Transfer - Have Your Say24.05.2022Download HERE
Book Fair Information 17.05.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Exams17.05.2022Download HERE
Year 10 Updates10.05.2022Download HERE
Pupil Conduct Letter10.05.2022Download HERE
Triple Science Option - Assessment Letter29.04.2022Download HERE
Study Leave Letter27.04.2022Download HERE
Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award31.03.2022Download HERE
Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award31.03.2022Download HERE
Parking Reminder28.03.2022Download HERE
Year 13 Leavers' Ball28.03.2022Download HERE
Food Bank Collection28.03.2022Download HERE
Exeter Scholars Programme17.03.2022Download HERE
USA Ski Trip 2023 Launch Letter17.03.2022Download HERE
Year 9 - Take Your Child to Work Day - Form17.03.2022Download HERE
Year 9 - Take Your Child to Work Day Letter17.03.2022Download HERE
Ukraine Fundraiser17.03.2022Download HERE
Medical Information Update10.03.2022Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Letter10.03.2022Download HERE
Ukraine Fundraiser08.03.2022Download HERE
New Hampshire Ski Trip08.03.2022Download HERE
Year 13 Mocks17.02.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Mocks17.02.2022Download HERE
Additional Training Day17.02.2022Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh Silver Redo17.02.2022Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh Silver Letter17.02.2022Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Redo17.02.2022Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Letter17.02.2022Download HERE
Year 9 Whats Your Poison16.02.2022Download HERE
Year 13 Exam Update14.02.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Exam Update14.02.2022Download HERE
Year 13 Hoodie Letter10.02.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Parent Careers Letter07.02.2022Download HERE
Year 10 Parent Careers Letter07.02.2022Download HERE
Year 9 Vaccination04.02.2022Download HERE
Early School Closure - 22nd March 202202.02.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Exams Update02.02.2022Download HERE
Sheffield Museum Visit02.02.2022Download HERE
Sandwich Price Increase01.02.2022Download HERE
Covid Year Group Closures27.01.2022Download HERE
Year 11 NCS Parent Letter24.01.2022Download HERE
Year 12 Careers Updates24.01.2022Download HERE
Year 13 Careers Updates24.01.2022Download HERE
Bronze Duke of Edinburgh17.01.2022Download HERE

Silver Duke of Edinburgh17.01.2022Download HERE
Ski Trip Update14.01.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Prom Final Balance13.01.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Revision Packs11.01.2022Download HERE
SEND Wave Support System Changes06.01.2022Download HERE
Return to School Letter10.12.2021Download HERE
Lost Property Letter10.12.2021Download HERE
Football Tour 202210.12.2021Download HERE
Social Media Update Letter10.12.2021Download HERE
End of Term Letter7.12.2021Download HERE
DofE Gold Award Letter6.12.2021Download HERE
Community Concerns3.12.2021Download HERE
Exam Certificates - Summer 20212.12.2021Download HERE
Mobile Phone Reminder30.11.2021Download HERE
Face Mask Update29.11.2021Download HERE
Christmas Dinner Letter25.11.2021Download HERE
Book Fair Letter22.11.2021Download HERE
BTEC L3 Exam Letter11.11.2021Download HERE
Social Media Letter08.11.2021Download HERE
Next Steps Day08.11.2021Download HERE
Training Day - November 03.11.2021Download HERE
GCSE English Masterclass03.11.2021Download HERE
Next Steps Day20.10.2021Download HERE
Anti-violence Assembly20.10.2021Download HERE
DofE Bronze Award14.10.2021Download HERE
DofE Silver Award14.10.2021Download HERE
New Hampshire Ski Trip12.10.2021Download HERE
Electricity Update08.10.2021Download HERE
Year 12/13 Progress Evening08.10.2021Download HERE
School Closure - Friday 8th October07.10.2021Download HERE
Walsall - COVID - Invitation letter for parents of children aged 12 to 15 years of age 06.10.2021Download HERE
Exams Update Letter04.10.2021Download HERE
Face Mask Update01.10.2021Download HERE
Year 7 Settling In Evening01.10.2021Download HERE
FSM Entitlement30.09.2021Download HERE
Vaccination Parental Letter28.09.2021Download HERE
ACE Creative Pack24.09.2021Download HERE
Year 11 Prom 2022 23.09.2021Download HERE
School Park Notice22.09.2021Download HERE
Laptop Reissue17.09.2021Download HERE
Bistro Food Menu Changes16.09.2021Download HERE
Sixth Form Essentials13.09.2021Download HERE
School Community Letter09.09.2021Download HERE
Open Evening Early Closure08.09.2021Download HERE
Lateral Flow Tests Home Testing06.09.2021Download HERE
Year 7 Birth Certificates20.07.2021Download HERE
Contact Tracing20.07.2021Download HERE
End of Term Letter19.07.2021Download HERE
Music Tuition 2021-202214.07.2021Download HERE
Year 7 Accelerated Reader13.07.2021Download HERE
Year 12 Stafford University Visit08.07.2021Download HERE

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