SubjectDate PublishedDownload
Duke of Edinburgh - Gold Award25.1.2021Download HERE
Live Lessons & Well-being25.1.2021Download HERE
Year 13 Assessment Letter19.1.2021Download HERE
Year 12 Assessment Letter19.1.2021Download HERE
Year 11 Assessment Letter19.1.2021Download HERE
Year 10 Assessment Letter19.1.2021Download HERE
Year 9 Assessment Letter19.1.2021Download HERE
Year 8 Assessment Letter19.1.2021Download HERE
Year 7 Assessment Letter19.1.2021Download HERE
BTEC Summer Exam Update19.1.2021Download HERE
Remote Education Update19.1.2021Download HERE
Pupils on Site - Packed Lunches19.1.2021Download HERE
Free School Meal Vouchers14.1.2021Download HERE
BTEC Exams Year 11 Update14.1.2021Download HERE
BTEC Exams Year 10 Update14.1.2021Download HERE
Reporting Pupil Absence8.1.2021Download HERE
Year 11 & 13 Exam Update7.1.2021Download HERE
Lockdown - January Letter - Years 7,8,9,10 & 125.1.2021Download HERE
Lockdown - January Letter - Year 115.1.2021Download HERE
Lockdown - January Letter - Year 135.1.2021Download HERE
Year 9 Group Changes4.1.2021Download HERE
Asymptomatic Testing letter - Pupils2.1.2021Download HERE
Return to School January 20211.1.2021Download HERE
Year 10 Parental Letter11.12.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Parental Letter11.12.2020Download HERE
Free School Meals - Face Coverings11.12.2020Download HERE
Lost Property04.12.2020Download HERE
Rescheduled Year 10 Parents Evening04.12.2020Download HERE
End of Term Letter30.11.2020Download HERE
Christmas Lunch24.11.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Prom 202123.11.2020Download HERE
Book Fair Parental Letter20.11.2020Download HERE
Free School Meals - Early Closure Letter20.11.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Science Intervention Letter20.11.2020Download HERE
Year 10 Science Change Letter18.11.2020Download HERE
Parent Forum Letter06.11.2020Download HERE
Ski Trip 202206.11.2020Download HERE
CAT 4 Testing of Year 7 Pupils04.11.2020Download HERE
Training Day Notice03.11.2020Download HERE
Covid-19 Half Term Procedure23.10.2020Download HERE
Year 7 & School Fund23.10.2020Download HERE
School Procedures for Reporting Covid-1920.10.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Intervention Letter09.10.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Covid-19 Update08.10.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Virtual Settling In Evening05.10.2020Download HERE
Year 13 Catch Up Letter02.10.2020Download HERE
Year 12 Catch Up Letter02.10.2020Download HERE
Year 10 Catch Up Letter02.10.2020Download HERE
Year 9 Catch Up Letter02.10.2020Download HERE
Year 8 Catch Up Letter02.10.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Catch Up Letter02.10.2020Download HERE
Essentials Letter - Sixth Form23.09.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Catch Up Letter23.09.2020Download HERE
Public Health England - Year 13 Self Isolate15.09.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Prom Update14.09.2020Download HERE
Parental Update11.09.2020Download HERE
Year 9 Cadets Recruitment09.09.2020Download HERE
Year 8 Cadets Recruitment09.09.2020Download HERE
Beacon Values Representative08.09.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Prom Update02.09.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Results Day Information17.07.2020Download HERE
September 2020 Return Information16.07.2020Download HERE
Ski Trip 2021 Update15.07.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Induction Activities01.07.2020Download HERE
Year 10 Academic Summer School30.06.2020Download HERE
Year 9 Academic Summer School30.06.2020Download HERE
Year 7 & 8 Academic Summer School30.06.2020Download HERE
Mathematics Trust Junior Maths Challenge29.06.2020Download HERE
Year 9 Live Events Letter 25.06.2020Download HERE
Year 8 Live Events Letter25.06.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Live Events Letter25.06.2020Download HERE
Mobile Phone Letter22.06.2020Download HERE
Becoming a Prefect Letter - Year 1022.06.2020Download HERE
Year 6 Confirmation of Identity17.06.2020Download HERE
Thank you - Parental Update 08.06.2020Download HERE
Year 9 Assessment Week Letter05.06.2020Download HERE
Year 8 Assessment Week Letter05.06.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Assessment Week Letter05.06.2020Download HERE
Year 7 - Cashless School01.06.2020Download HERE
Cashless School Letter01.06.2020Download HERE
BTEC Letter01.06.2020Download HERE
Year 10 Update Letter29.05.2020Download HERE
Year 12 Phased Re-Opening Information22.05.2020Download HERE
Year 10 Phased Re-Opening Information22.05.2020Download HERE
2020 Duke of Edinburgh - Certificate of Achievement22.05.2020Download HERE
Year 7 2020 Admissions Letter21.05.2020Download HERE
Parental Update12.05.2020Download HERE
Sea Life Centre Cancellation27.04.2020Download HERE
Football Tour - Cancellation27.04.2020Download HERE
Discovery Week Cancellation27.04.2020Download HERE
World Challenge Update23.04.2020Download HERE
Barr Beacon Football Tour20.04.2020Download HERE
Parental Guide to FSM Vouchers17.04.2020Download HERE
Cadet Portal Access14.04.2020Download HERE
Cadet Recruitment Activity Letter06.04.2020Download HERE
Duke of Edinburgh Award Update06.04.2020Download HERE
Letter to Students - Summer 2020 Grading03.04.2020Download HERE
Easter Break Letter30.02.2020Download HERE
Take Care Letter30.03.2020Download HERE
Further Year 11 Information30.03.2020Download HERE
Working from Home Guidance20.03.2020Download HERE
Free School Meal Provision20.03.2020Download HERE
Closure - Monday 23rd March 202019.03.2020Download HERE
Further Partial Closure Notice19.03.2020Download HERE
Partial Closure Notice18.03.2020Download HERE
Future Trips & Visits - Information18.03.2020Download HERE
CCF - Recruitment Process Delay17.03.2020Download HERE
Knife Crime Assembly16.03.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Progress Evening16.03.2020Download HERE
Coronavirus Update11.03.2020Download HERE
Art - Sealife Centre Trip05.03.2020Download HERE
English Group Changes26.02.2020Download HERE
GCSE Science Routes25.02.2020Download HERE
Loudmouth Theatre Presentation24.02.2020Download HERE
Year 10 - GCSE Food Practical Schedule11.02.2020Download HERE
Year 9 - Hospitality Practical Schedule11.02.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Mock Exams - Parental Letter10.02.2020Download HERE
France Discovery Week - Payments14.01.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Reference Requests10.01.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Prom Final Balance08.01.2020Download HERE

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