Uniform from 1st September 2021

  • Black blazer (with school badge).
  • Black school trousers or black school skirt with school emblem only (no shorter than 5cm above the knee).
  • White polyester/cotton shirt (worn with school tie) with a top button. To be worn tucked into waistband of skirt or trousers.
  • House tie to be worn with 6 stripes visible.
  • Black socks or black tights (no patterns, frills or over knee socks).
  • Smart black polishable leather school shoes which are sensible and lightweight. Training shoes, canvas shoes and fashion boots are not acceptable.
  • Black ‘v’ neck sweater (optional). No cardigans.
  • Plain colour outer coat (not leather or denim).
  • Black, plain headscarves, wraps, bands, or hair clips/ornaments (must be tucked under blazers with the school tie visible).
  • Bandanas are not permitted.
  • Fake tan is not permitted.
  • Any cult and another extreme of fashion, hairstyles or body piercing is banned.
  • False nails and gel nails are not permitted in school.
  • Fake eyelashes are not permitted.

The House tie, blazer badge and school skirts and trousers are available from Clive Mark, Crested School Wear and Uniform Plus or the school shop. Note: We do not have expensive designer variations on any standard uniform for any year group.

Coats must not be worn inside buildings and must be removed upon entry to any building. Hoods can only be worn up during adverse weather conditions.

HT Decision

PE Kit Guidelines

Updates to Uniform

Frequently Asked Questions

The only things that have changed are the trousers and skirt. These updated items are compulsory for all pupils. This is an operation decision supported by our Trust Board.

The only updates to the PE kit are the polo shirt and shorts. If your child already has these items and they are fit for purpose, they do not need to buy the new ones. Your child can continue to wear them until they outgrow them or they wear out. They may then replace them with the new items. There are other new items you may wish to purchase, including a zip top, but these are not compulsory.

The three uniform suppliers are still updating their websites so they may not have all of the details on there yet but they will shortly. In the meantime, if you want to get things ready for September early, you can give them a call to find out more.

Direct links to each of the three suppliers, all of who know our exact requirements: are included in our original letter: HERE.

We have selected items which are affordable and hard-wearing. They have internal waist adjusters to provide a more comfortable fit, with a stain resistant finish preventing stubborn stains from taking hold, making them stay smart for longer.

Acceptable/Unacceptable Uniform

An example of some acceptable and unacceptable uniform alternatives can be found below.






Main School Uniform Guidelines


  • Barr Beacon School navy short-sleeve polo shirt with collar (with school badge and pupil’s name embroidered)*

  • Barr Beacon School Plain navy shorts or Barr Beacon plain black tracksuit bottoms or Barr Beacon School leggings (with school badge and pupil’s name embroidered)*

  • Trainers (must not be high tops or pumps)

  • White ankle socks /must not be trainer socks

  • Football boots

  • Plain black football socks

  • Plain black one-piece swimming costume

  • Swimming hat of any colour (for pupils with long hair only – your child’s PE teacher will advise on hair length during their first lesson)


  • Barr Beacon navy blue mid-layer ¼ zip top*

  • Gum Shield (recommended)


  • Plain black t-shirt. 
  • Plain black shorts (cycling shorts not permitted) or plain black tracksuit bottoms or Barr Beacon school leggings.* (with school badge and embroidered name.)
  • Students are expected to participate in dance lessons with bare feet unless they have a medical condition. In this case, students will need to wear socks with grip.

Pupils MUST bring PE kit to all PE lessons. If pupils fail to bring kit, they will be expected to wear school kit.

*It is expected that all of these items of PE kit will have the pupils initial and surname stitched into the garment. 

Uniform Plus, Crested Schoolwear and Clive Mark know our requirements. 


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