As we continue to strive for excellence in education at our school, we are excited to inform you about the numerous resources and opportunities available at our iCentre:

Vast Collection of Books: Our iCentre boasts a diverse collection of books catering to various interests, genres, and reading levels. With over 7600 books, there’s something for every student to delve into. 

Online Catalogue: You don’t have to come to our iCentre to browse books. You can also do it from the comfort of your home. Just follow this link:

Study Spaces: We provide comfortable and conducive study spaces where pupils can focus on their schoolwork individually or collaborate with peers on group projects. We have an MFL Hub, the Glass Box, plenty of desk spaces and 27 computers for our pupils to use.

Educational Programs: Throughout the academic year, we organize various educational programs like Read 2 Succeed, Accelerated Reader and Reading Challenges; these are aimed at enriching pupils’ learning experiences and promoting literacy skills.

Pupil Librarians: Pupils who love reading, can join our team of pupil librarians. They help with organising events, judging competitions, adding new books to our library system and with overall maintenance of the iCentre. They get to take part in fun projects like recording iCentre videos or speaking on school podcast.

Community Engagement: We actively engage with the school community by organizing events such as author visits, book fairs, and reading challenges. We also run various competitions throughout the year where pupils can win fantastic prizes like a book of their choice or a Kindle reader, all paid for by the library.

We believe that the iCentre plays a crucial role in supporting pupils’ academic growth, fostering a love for reading, and promoting lifelong learning skills. We encourage you to encourage your child to take full advantage of the resources and opportunities available at our iCentre.