Year 9 Pathways

The power is in your hands!

Up until now the subjects you study have been decided for you. This is a pivotal point as you will now be selecting some subjects to study in years 10 and 11. Making well informed choices about the next steps on your journey will allow you to access your desired pathway.

We have brought together a collection of information, advice and guidance to support you on this single webpage. We strongly advise you take the time to absorb as much of this as you can. 

Your pathways form will be emailed to your school email address with instructions on what you need to do on Friday 23rd February 2024. 

Your Future Career?

When you choose your GCSE pathways it can help to think about possible future careers. Our best advice is to study what you enjoy or are interested in learning more about, as if you enjoy it then you will be more motivated to achieve the best grades. Your future employers or education providers will look closely at your Key Stage 4 grades, so give yourself the best chance of scoring highly by choosing to study subjects you will enjoy.

There is also some useful advice about choosing GSCE pathway on the Success at School and Find Your Future websites.

Don’t forget you can also log back into Start Profile at home to explore lots of different careers.
You can also request to have a discussion about your career plans with our Careers Adviser. Please email Miss Killick (Careers Coordinator) or your tutor, to request an appointment.