Reading with your child.

Many parents and carers want to know how to support their child’s reading. Reading together is a wonderful opportunity: sharing new worlds and experiences is one of the best gifts you can give your child. If you make reading a priority in your home, you will be helping to make sure that your child is continuing to develop their reading ability and vocabulary.

Why read?

When we are young, we all love to be read to. As we grow older, some of us fall out of the habit of reading regularly. If you are away from work or school, this could provide you with that time to fall back in love with reading.

Reading time is time for just you!

  • Reading takes you on adventures, beyond the four walls of your home!
  • Reading helps to build the imagination.
  • Reading develops emotional intelligence and helps us to see other people’s points of view and ideas.
  • Reading improves vocabulary….
    • ….And the limits of our vocabulary are the limits of our world!
  • Reading helps us to rest and relax.
  • Reading takes our mind away from the outside world, which can sometimes be worrying and anxiety-provoking.
  • Reading trains the brain to be able to concentrate and focus, a skill that can be lost in an increasingly digital world.
Make time for yourself to read each day. Many people do this before bed to help them to unwind. However, now is the perfect opportunity to reinvent your routine to allow you to read!
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How to read together!

If your family has access to Kindles then this is the easiest way to all be reading the same book at the same time.  Stock up, if you can! Audible is also very popular for some people, as they can listen to stories whilst they complete other tasks! Audible are offering a 30-day free trial at the moment. Free audiobooks available here
  • Nothing beats sitting with your loved ones and sharing the reading experience.
  • We all love being read to!
  • Read in silly voices
  • Read the parts of the characters

What to Read?

School Reading List This website contains recommendations by year group to select from. These are quality books and many are classics.

Project Gutenberg This website offers free ebooks of classic literature

Read Brightly This website recommends classics for teenagers that are accessible, relevant and enjoyable as well as providing some level of challenge for their reading.