Why we love languages.

At Barr Beacon, we believe all students should study a language at GCSE. Languages give pupils the opportunity to thrive in a multilingual workplace and society. Our world is becoming smaller with the increase in use of technology and the fact that businesses are regularly working across countries and even continents. We don’t want our pupils to miss out on these opportunities!


Languages are difficult, but when we challenge ourselves by doing more academic subjects, we develop our thinking, problem solving and multitasking skills. Studies show studying a language can greatly help pupils with their Maths and English (in fact 75% of our words in English have derivatives in French, German or Latin).

Languages give you more opportunities at university and in the workplace. Some universities require you to have a GCSE in a language. Whichever profession you chose, communication is key. You will need to do a job interview at some point, you may need to present to your team, give feedback to a colleague, meet with stakeholders. Languages teach you communication. If, all of a sudden, you can communicate in another language for up to 10 minutes (which you will in your speaking exam), then presenting in English won’t be as scary.

Finally, to understand a language is to have an understanding and empathy towards others. In an increasingly volatile world, we believe that this understanding of different people, cultures and languages will help create a more cohesive world.