Pride Month Home Learning

June is Pride Month around the world. It celebrates the advances made in LGBTQ+ equality since the Stonewall riots in New York City, USA in June 1969. The British charity Stonewall (named for the historic event) has produced these resources for home learning. They include activities for history, English. creative subjects and maths. Our top pick is the maths pack which has questions using statistics around LGBTQ+ equality.


VE Day 75th Anniversary

On Friday 8th May we commemorate 75 years since Victory in Europe day, which marked the beginning of the end of the Second World War. 

Walsall Council are asking for pupils to get creative and produce pieces in response – they can be art works, poems, songs, dances, whatever!

If you produce something you would like to be shared, you can email it to dlowbridgeellis@barrbeaconschool.co.uk or put it straight on Twitter yourself, tagging @barrbeaconsch

You can find out more about national VE Day events here:



Royal Geographical Society Competition

This year’s Royal Geographical Society ‘Young Geographer’ competition is now open!You have until 1st June to get your entries to Miss Clarke, head of geography.Produce an A3 poster about a place (or places) that mean something to you – they can be near, far, places you’ve already been to or places you want to travel to in future.

Have a look at this Powerpoint for ideas: HERE

If you’re in Year 7, 8 or 9, you need to:

  • Describe two or more geographical ideas
  • Use at least two annotated images diagrams, charts or maps

If you’re in Year 10 or 11:

  • Describe three or more geographical ideas
  • Use at least three annotated images, diagrams, charts or maps

If you’re in Year 12 or 13:

  • Describe and discuss multiple geographical ideas
  • Demonstrate a strong use of annotated images, diagrams, charts or maps

Full guidelines here: www.rgs.org


Even more online lessons!

The BBC and the government have put together daily lessons for children across the UK. If you have finished the work we have set or you fancy something different, take a look.

Oak National Academy

I’m very pleased to welcome Oak National Academy, a new online classroom and resource hub, which has launched to support teachers until schools re-open. The online classroom will provide free lessons and resources for pupils from reception through to year 10. All resources, lessons and more information can be accessed here

As part of a collective response to the crisis, 40 teachers will be producing over 180 free online lessons each week, which will cover a range of subjects from English and maths to arts and languages.

BBC Bitesize 

This week the BBC is launching its own education package as part of their Charter across TV and online – helping to keep children learning and supporting parents. You can find more information about this here

The key difference between the BBC offer and the Oak National Academy is that the Academy is a planned and sequenced series of lessons for schools and trusts to use as part of their planned curriculum offer. Whereas the BBC offer is aimed more at parents and pupils.

Please note that we are not responsible for any of this content. If there are any technical issues, please contact the BBC or Oak Academy directly. We have found that the Oak Academy videos work best on Internet Explorer (the sound doesn’t always work on Chrome, but we are sure they will be ironing out these teething issues moving forward).


Daily Live PE Workouts

Starting Monday 23rd March Joe Wicks The Body Coach is going to be hosting a free workout aimed at kids LIVE on his YouTube channel.

With the schools closed and with us all spending more time at home, it’s more important than ever that we keep moving and stay healthy and positive. Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic.

The workouts will be fun and suitable for all ages and even adults can get involved.  You don’t need any equipment, just tune in on YouTube at 9am each morning for a 30-minute, fun workout. 


Thank You! – Christmas Appeal

We were delighted to support the FSCI Christmas Box Appeal last term. Thank you to all those families who made the commitment of time and money to contribute a box. Thousands of children and families in institutions, kindergartens and schools in poor rural and urban areas, senior citizens homes, Roma communities, protected homes and refugee centres throughout Bulgaria received Christmas presents as a result of the generosity of those taking part in the appeal last year, with a total 9,985 boxes distributed.

This included 70 from Barr Beacon.

Teodora Koleva, Director of FSCI Bulgaria, is in no doubt about the importance of the project. “With the Christmas boxes, we show people who live on the periphery of society, often forgotten and overlooked, that we think of them and believe in them. At Christmas it is important to be good – with our loved ones and acquaintances, and even with people we do not know, with people who need support”.

In the UK hundreds of people gave their time to help sort and pack the boxes. Rich Parsons, the project leader, was amazed by the number of people who gave their time. “Our volunteers are amazing; we simply couldn’t have delivered a successful appeal without them. We’re so thankful to everyone who donated a box or gave their time to help out. We’ve had a fantastic response again from our supporters and their efforts have made a lot of children and families very happy.”

Thank you again for your donations which brought joy to those who didn’t have much to celebrate at all last Christmas time.


Are you smarter than a 12-year-old?

Five pupils are celebrating achieving ‘genius level’ results in MENSA’s world-renowned IQ test.

Two of these pupils exceeded the 160 IQ that Albert Einstein and Professor Stephen Hawking were said to have possessed. Arjan Singh Basra and Aarti Bhupla achieved an incredible ‘perfect score’ of 162. Kuran Marwaha, Katie Ord and Kaylisia Tobias each possess IQs of 152 putting them in the top 2% of the population.

Each pupil was delighted by their result.

Aarti Bhupla “My parents were very proud and I received video messages from family across the country.”

Arjan Singh Basra “I was speechless. My parents kept saying ‘wow’ and treated me to a family meal.”

Katie Ord “My Mum has shared the news far and wide. It has inspired my family to try the test too.”

Kaylisia Tobias “I’m so proud of myself for concentrating hard and focusing. I was treated to a lovely meal out with my family.”

Kuran Marwaha “My parents always advise me that you can do anything that you put your mind to if you work hard.”

We use the MENSA test because we are passionate about uncovering potential and nurturing it. We are delighted that these pupils have been recognised by MENSA as being in the top 2% of the whole country. Statistically, of course, not everyone can be a ‘genius’. But knowing they have a high IQ will encourage these pupils to push themselves further.


Awards Evening 2019

This year’s Awards Evening was a fantastic celebration of what Barr Beacon is all about. As Head Boy Harjodh made clear in his closing speech: “inspiration is nothing without perspiration”. Every single award winner of the evening embodied this idea, whether they worked hard and achieved in their subjects or in extracurricular pursuits.

The guest speaker for the evening was Barr Beacon alumnus Chris Lane, who left school in 1998 to study Law at the University of Oxford, became a barrister and is now a vicar.

Presenting the sports awards was another alumnus: Jack Birch, currently playing for Aston Villa Football Club.

Chair of Governors Dr Deborah Park handed out many of the awards and we welcomed back Clive Mills, Beacon teacher of 43 years, to present the award named in his honour.


Biggest Ever Careers Fair

Barr Beacon School’s Annual Careers Fair was bigger than ever before, with over 80 visitors giving up their time to meet our pupils. During the fair, pupils were able to engage with a range of employers, universities, apprenticeship providers, colleges and training providers.

Visitors came from all over the country, with universities as far-reaching as Belfast, and the careers represented at the Fair spanned a variety of fields such as healthcare, engineering, construction, the forces, hairdressing, the police, technology, defence, funeral care and the civil service. Many visitors were from key employers that reflect the changing needs of the local labour market.


BBC STEM Exploration Day

Pupils from Barr Beacon school took part in a special STEM exploration day at BBC Birmingham. They toured the studios and met the many different employees that help to run the BBC. Highlights of the day included presenting the weather, producing their own radio show and trying out the virtual reality headsets.

The pupils learnt how maths skills are essential for the effective time management of BBC WM and they met sound engineers and network engineers to learn about the opportunities for apprenticeships behind the scenes.It was interesting to discover the different roles and STEM skills that are required to make shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who, Blue Planet and Children in Need.

All pupils enjoyed the day and took home a few souvenirs. Thank you to all of the volunteers at the BBC who made this such a special day for our pupils. 

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