Head Student Team 2024/25

We are both extremely excited for the upcoming year as we plan to work closely together to turn our visions into reality and put forward our ideas that will strive to most effectively aid the students. We are also excited to combine our alternative perspectives and believe that we will complement each other, granting us the ability to access a wide range of insights and perspectives so we may attempt to address all students’ wellbeing creating a more inclusive and dynamic environment.

We are eager to begin this journey and begin accepting our new responsibilities as we attempt to bring something new to the roles and make our individual impact. Our commitment to the school and its students remains our paramount responsibility and passion as we vow to do everything in our power to support the entire school community.

Tobias and Kyreece

As Deputy Head Students we are thrilled to embark on a new adventure with the Head Students and believe that, across this next academic year, we will be able to provide a supportive outlet for concern and promote student voice. This will enable us to achieve our aim of being a close-knit team that prioritises the voice of students and takes advantage of first-hand experiences to provide a personal note on events and celebrations. We also promise to offer more exhilarating openings that students can use as examples when they are demonstrating leadership skills, helping them with their future careers and moulding them into young people fuelled with success and determination. We strive to embody the Beacon Values in an environment where diversity is celebrated, kindness and compassion are the norm and excellence is the standard, whilst always remaining ‘Proud to Succeed’ so that we can inspire others to do the same.

Aum and Zahira

I am incredibly honoured to have received the title of Head Student, yet this is not just a title to me but rather a commitment to serve, represent and uplift our student body and foster my vision to create a supportive, accepting and forward-thinking environment within school. I aim to promote further opportunities for students to embrace on their journey to reach their greatest ambitions.

The experiences and opportunities that have been presented to me at Barr Beacon School have shaped me in ways I could never have predicted, and it is because of these that, as I step into the role of Head Student, I can assure you that I will endeavour to give back to the school community and continue to foster an environment where people feel encouraged to achieve their aspirations, just as I have. As I reflect on the experiences I have been granted and remember those who inspired me, I feel a profound sense of responsibility to become the role model for younger students as they begin their journey and set their sights on reaching their full potential.

My passion for this role and my unwavering desire to help people drives my initiatives and dedication to make a meaningful impact that hopefully, after I pass on the badge next year, will be a lasting legacy added to a long list of accomplishments of the Head Students before me.

T.Hunt (Head Student)

Since the beginning of my journey at Barr Beacon School I have always had uncertainties about where I want to find myself in the future.  However, I have always known the person who I want to be and the impact that I want to have on others. I was given an environment in which I could not only excel academically but as an individual too, allowing me to learn the great significance of leadership, empathy and success. With the ability to act as a liaison between faculty and students, I will pride myself in displaying an approachable and considerate attitude towards my peers and the school.

I have always been driven to demonstrate commitment, enthusiasm and integrity both academically and in extracurricular activities. By representing Barr Beacon School as a musician at Awards Evening, as a prefect at Open Evening and as a sportsman at tournaments, I have learnt to enhance such spirit throughout all aspects of school creating comfortable environments which place great emphasis on the achievements and success of the student body.

Having been granted such a prestigious role, I will dedicate myself to enhancing our school environment by promoting diversity and inclusivity whilst also soliciting feedback to better understand the desires of Barr Beacon students. With a genuine ambition for student achievement, I intend on bringing a different yet determined personality to this role.

K.Bynoe (Head Student)

From the moment I appealed to gain my place in Barr Beacon School in 2018 to making my way on to the Head Student Team in 2024, I have always been proud to say that this school has helped me to gain so much. From achieving a range of outstanding GCSEs to attaining skills in public speaking, team leadership and critical thinking, I have been encouraged to embrace these opportunities, allowing me to develop my confidence and grow, shaping me into the person that I am today.

Throughout the years, this school has also provided me with many opportunities: work experience days, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, the Diana Award, subject workshops and career fairs, all contributing to my progression from a boy who was anxious about his future, to a young adult who is now striving towards a career in architecture.

These experiences have made me an advocate for embracing new things and encouraging others to take every opportunity that passes their way, embodying the Beacon Value to ‘Own What You Do’! That one opportunity could be the one that sparks an interest in something that may never have crossed your mind previously.

J.A.Rajput (Deputy Head Student)

I am proud to have been entrusted with the role of Deputy Head Student, a position that will enable me to continue to represent the school I have come to love and that has provided me with ample opportunities all of which have helped to curate the character I am today.

During my time at Barr Beacon School, I been given the opportunity to travel, immersing myself in new cultures alongside my peers. I was also tasked with the position of prefect. These experiences have instilled skills in me such as independence, perseverance, and collaboration that I now intend to use as I progress through the next few important chapters of my life. I believe that in seizing all the opportunities I have been presented with, I have become someone who will thrive in all future endeavours.  It is for this reason that as Deputy Head Student, it will be an objective of mine to ensure that others have the strength to do the same whilst allowing them to communicate any adversities or apprehensions they encounter along the way.

I eagerly anticipate the responsibilities that this role entails and hope that my desire to serve those within the school community will contribute to the extensive list of attributes found in prior members of the Head Student Team.

Z.Copeland (Deputy Head Student)


Good Luck Year 13

We ended last half term by bidding farewell to our Year 13 students as they prepare to sit their final examinations over the coming weeks. Students enjoyed a Mexican themed lunch supplied by Buenas Burritos before settling down for their final formal assembly.

Teachers shared ‘good bye and good luck’ messages reflecting on their time with this cohort. Students were then reminded of the day that they started their journey with us, which for most of them was back in September 2017, to how far they have come, through a slideshow of photographs.  Some haven’t changed at all whilst others are unrecognisable!

The Headteacher addressed the students and presented the Head Student Team with a token of our appreciation for all their contributions over the last twelve months. Following farewell messages from Form Tutors and the Sixth Form Team, a video of ‘out takes’ put together by the students themselves was also viewed! The event ended with the traditional ‘hat throwing’ photograph.

We wish the students all the very best for the remainder of their examinations and we are looking forward to marking the end of an era with them at the Leavers Ball later this month before celebrating their successes on Results Day in August.


Innovation Fest

Year 9 pupils visited Birmingham City University STEAM House for Innovation Fest. The festival showcased the work of the university students in the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment.

Pupils were able to get involved in a number of interactive sessions throughout the day such as 3D printing, structural challenges, gaming and coding, to name a few. There was also an interesting talk from an AV Engineer who works at Holovis in the East Midlands. His job is to engineer the sound, storytelling and imagery for roller-coaster rides. It is a job that takes him all over the world, most recently Orlando and Abu Dhabi, where he helped design a new rollercoaster for Ferrari World.    

K. Choomer said: “I enjoyed the variety of activities and that so many were hands on”.

S. Wilkes said: “I really enjoyed using the VR Headsets but I found building the structures the most interesting”.

F. Palmer said: “I didn’t think I wanted a job in these areas, but games and roller-coaster design looks really fun.”


RICS Chartered Surveyor Workshop

Year 12 and 10 pupils were visited by Randip Bahra, a Chartered Surveyor and Fellow with RICS.  Pupils learnt about the numerous different career opportunities within surveying and learnt about Radnip’s journey into the his career and his passion for helping disadvantaged individuals progress into the heights of surveying careers. He is currently working with the Department for Education on building projects within schools across the region.

Pupils were introduced to sustainable projects, not just those that are environmentally friendly, but projects that have a wider social and economic impact too. For example, a project in Snow Hill in Birmingham has helped create a living space for the homeless, but the building also holds training hubs and meeting spaces for local employers, giving tenants the skills and contacts to progress their futures:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-18007879

K. Bynoe (Year 12) said: “I learnt a lot more about what a surveyor actually does and I now know about lots of different career opportunities that I didn’t before.”


Centre of Advanced Dance Training Workshop

On Monday 20th May, students from years 9 and 10 took part in a two-hour workshop with the dance artist Jade from Fabric and the CAT Dance scheme. Jade came to Barr Beacon to discuss the fantastic opportunities the CAT (Centre for Advanced Training) offers. Fabric is an organisation that runs from Birmingham Hippodrome and offers students aged 11 to 17 the opportunity to train with professional artists. All of the students that participated were professional and really shone, demonstrating their own wonderful abilities in Dance. It was great for the Barr Beacon students to work with a professional dance artist and the confidence the session gave students in their own abilities was great to see! Well done Dancers!


Oriel College Oxford – Year 10

On Tuesday 14th May, Year 10’s ‘Most Able’ students had the opportunity to experience a day in the life of an Oxford University student. Students initially had a lecture detailing the best routes to take in order to access a Russell Group university and then were able to quiz three current Oxford university students, linked to their experiences in studying at one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Students were fascinated to hear about their courses, seminars, learning habits and even the social aspect of university life. Students then had a tour of the university, allowing them to capture both the beautiful views and historical significance of the campus. Finally, students then had time to look around the hugely impressive Oxford University museum, before returning back to school. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their day and it inspired teach of them to be aspirational in what they could achieve within their academic studies.


Colour Fun Run – Sixth Form Charity Event

We were pleased to see the sun shining on Tuesday 7th May 2024 as this meant Sixth Form students were able to go ahead with the planned charity fun run.

Over 150 students took part in this fun event, where they ran a lap of the school field whilst throwing coloured powder over each other!  They raised £256.50 which will go into the pot to be shared between the 2 charities we are supporting this year – Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Humanity First.  

Here are some feedback comments from the students:

“The anticipation was worth it! It was such an amazing time filled with happiness and every worry left all of us as we just got to be kids again whilst raising money for charity! I will never forget this day or the memories created and I hope to do this again next year!” Z. Barkat (12M2)

“It was a great way to spend time with my friends.  I enjoyed running around and throwing colours at each other! I had a lot of fun and cannot wait to do it again.”  T. Vu (12W1)

“The colour run was a really fun and memorable way of spending the afternoon and raising money for charity. It was definitely something that the Sixth Formers had been looking forward to and it was brilliant to be able to spend time with friends, enjoy the weather and have some good fun, all in the interest of charity. I will definitely be participating in next year’s event!”  A. Bains (12W2)

“I wish the colour run had lasted longer because we all had so much fun! As I was walking out of school, there were a lot of compliments on my colourful clothes.  When asked how the event went, the words that sprung to mind were: Absolutely perfect!” K. Stevenson (12W1) 

“I am not a keen runner but the colour run was one of the best experiences I’ve had! 10/10 – I would definitely do it again!” Z. Inman (12M2)

“I really enjoyed watching how I gradually became coated in thick powder and started to resemble  a rainbow – a time before being stained blue exists!” R. Lee (12W2)

“The colour run, once again, was an amazing experience! It was such good fun with my friends and we raised more money for charity!”  I. Caley (13C2)

“It was a welcome break from the pressure of revision and exams.  I am glad I took part in this event again.  The weather was beautiful which made it even more enjoyable!  It is humbling to know how much we raised for charity.”  J. Coley (13B1)


BTEC Performing Arts Showcase

On Wednesday 24th April over 50 Students were involved with the BTEC Performing Arts Showcase. The evening celebrated the talents of our BTEC Performing Arts students as well as other students from across the upper years of the school. Students showcased their Dance, Musical and Dramatic performances to a full audience. The support shown to students was fantastic to see and the Creative Arts Department are incredibly proud of the hard work students put into the showcase. As you will see from the photos students performed with confidence and focus throughout. Well done to all the students that performed and supported the showcase. The Creative Arts Department.


Turing Stockholm, Sweden 

Embarking on a journey beyond borders can be a transformative experience for students, offering them a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures, languages, and traditions. Recently, a group of 35 adventurous pupils from across Matrix Academy Trust had the incredible opportunity to explore the city of Stockholm, Sweden through the Turing Scheme. This government-funded scheme enables pupils to experience other cultures. 

Our first activity was a visit to the Paradox Musuem, which offers an engaging exploration of optical illusions. Visitors are invited to pose for some great pictures as part of these illusions, before walking to the Avicii Experience, where our pupils enjoyed DJing alongside the groundbreaking DJ and producer, experiencing his music in a unique and immersive setting. 

Later that afternoon, our students had the opportunity to visit Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s charming Old Town, exploring landmarks such as the Royal Armouries. They also delved into the world of Nobel laureates at the Nobel Prize Museum, learning about the importance of science, literature, and peace in shaping our world.  

On our second day, we visited the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. As you step into the museum, you’re greeted by the Vasa ship, a preserved warship that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 and was salvaged centuries later. Our pupils also enjoyed exploring Lego versions of the world’s most famous shipwrecks. 

Following this, our students had the pleasure of exploring the iconic music of Sweden. At the ABBA museum, they were immersed in ABBA’s iconic costumes and memorabilia, exploring interactive exhibits and singing and dancing along to timeless hits.  

On day three, we paid a visit to the Tekniska Museum of science, technology, and innovation. Here the pupils enjoyed interactive exhibits, followed by lunch at Max Burgers – Sweden’s (significantly better) answer to McDonalds.  

In the afternoon, we took a scenic boat tour around Stockholm’s archipelago, where we got to see the city’s iconic landmarks from a unique perspective. And in the afternoon, the competitive natures of staff and pupils kicked in with an outdoor escape room adventure around the historic town. Divided into teams, pupils navigated their teams and their teacher through the narrow cobblestone streets, solving clues and unravelling mysteries, where only one of our groups solved the clues to find the final code! 

On day four, our pupils had the opportunity to visit Töjnaskolan, a Swedish school located in the suburbs of Stockholm. Stepping into the classrooms of Töjnaskolan, our pupils were struck by the differences between British and Swedish educational systems. Aside from being instant celebrities, they noticed smaller class sizes, a longer lunchtime and no school uniform. The visit sparked discussions between both sets of pupils about the different educational models, encouraging our students to reflect on their own learning experiences and cultural perspectives. 

On day 5 was a visit to Skansen, the world’s first open-air museum, showcasing Swedish life from centuries past to the present day. Our students were delighted to explore the native animals of Sweden, with the highlight of the visit being the opportunity to hand-feed some of the friendly birds that call Skansen home. 

On our final day, our pupils experienced an adrenaline rush at Skypark Vaxholm, an exhilarating outdoor adventure park. They navigated treetop obstacle courses, zip-lined across forests, and conquered thrilling challenges, pushing their limits and building confidence. 

As our pupils bid farewell to Stockholm and boarded their flight back to London Heathrow, they carried with them memories that will last a lifetime. The trip embodied Matrix Academy Trust’s ethos of Education without Exception. Through experiences like the Stockholm trip, we empower our students to open their minds to endless possibilities and shape them into compassionate, informed global citizens. 


National Apprenticeship Fair

With apprenticeships becoming an increasingly popular option, our Year 12 pupils visited the National Apprenticeship Fair at Millennium point. 

Students gained access to independent apprenticeship advice from Top UK Employers and Training Providers, including JLR, Ford, Vinci, the NHS and the BBC.

T. Clarke said: “I spoke to the police who have encouraged me to apply and look at specialisms.

M. Singh said: “That was useful, and I met the former Head Boy, who is doing really well for himself as an apprentice”.

Our students are keen to meet even more employers and apprenticeship providers. If you are interesting in exhibiting at our next Careers Fair in school, please contact postbox@barrbeaconschool.co.uk

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