Enterprise Masterclass

A group of our Year 9 pupils took part in an Enterprise Masterclass at the University of Birmingham. Following a tour of the campus, pupils created their own business ideas around a UN Sustainable Development Goal. They discovered new ways to generate creative ideas as a team and all pupils successfully completed an elevator pitch, which developed their presentation skills. Pupils were able to have a taste of studying Business at university and even took part in work that is usually given to undergraduate level students. 


PwC Visit

PwC visited the school to talk to our Year 12 students who are interested in pursuing apprenticeships. PwC offer a range of School Leaver Apprenticeships and Flying Start Degree Apprenticeships programmes. Representatives from the company spoke about their own experience of working for PwC and gave tips to succeed with their competitive application process. 


WPR Agency PR Workshop

Year 12 Business and Media students took part in a PR workshop, run by WPR Agency. 

After learning about what working in PR involves, and its differences to advertising, students were set a task. They put together an pitch for a new restaurant in the Bullring, encompassing media coverage, social content, influencer engagement and events. Our visiting speaker was very impressed with the innovative ideas from each group and praised students for their creativity and excellent team work when formulating ideas. 

Students said they enjoyed the chance to ‘have a go’ at a real career and valued having the chance to work in a team. They were interested to share their ideas and hear what the other groups had created, and one student even said “I didn’t realise before, but I am actually more creative than I thought.”


National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week is taking place from Monday 5th to Sunday 11th February. There are lots of events taking place online for pupils and parents/carers to explore. Please take a look at the booklet below for more information.


Mock Interviews

Year 11 pupils were given mock interviews today by our Year 13 Students. The Sixth Formers received training for this last week and were able to share their recent experiences of real interviews and offer some unique advice.

The Year 11 pupils said:

“I actually enjoyed that. I was nervous at first but the Sixth Former was really nice”. 

“I have my actual interview at college soon, so I am glad I did it”.

“I’m so proud of myself, I did really well.”

“I got 49/50 and I want to do it again to get full marks. I know I can do it!”

The Sixth Form students said: 

“I was amazed by the pupils I met. They had achieved so much and were really confident.” 

“I have really enjoyed supporting Year 11 with their Interviews. I met some lovely people.”

“The pupils were fantastic. Some needed to remember to include examples of where they had developed their skills, but overall I was very impressed.”

“I felt like I had a lot in common with some of the pupils I met and I hope they found it useful to hear I went through the same struggles as them and still managed to get good GCSEs”.


University of Birmingham

Year 7 pupils enjoyed a festive visit to University of Birmingham where they attended two Christmas Lectures. A lecture from the biology department focused on saving Christmas plants from environmental damage, and a workshop from the Mechanical Engineering team introduced pupils to how AI is helping the manufacturing industry build Christmas presents. The highlight of this was when the Robotic Reindeer entered the room. Both lectures offered the chance for our pupils to get involved with the experiments and gain a taste of what university learning is like. 


In2Med School

Year 12 students aspiring to become doctors and dentists have begun their mentoring programme with In2Med School. The long term support will run throughout Year 12 and 13 and aims to support students in making successful applications to highly competitive courses in the healthcare field. Our student mentor is currently training to become a doctor at the University of Birmingham and is volunteering to support students every step of the way with their journey to medical school. Beginning with learning about the medical issues in their community and the challenges facing the NHS, students will be supported in developing their voluntary experiences and building up essential skills needed to be effective healthcare practitioners, right through to getting expert guidance with their applications, UCAT testing and interviews.   


University of Birmingham Visit – Year 8

Pupils in Year 8 visited the University of Birmingham for a taster day, exploring the huge campus and meeting current students. After an introduction to what university has to offer and a few games, pupils had the chance to tour the grounds, visiting the impressive Great Hall in the Aston Webb building, the library, the sports fields and gym (with an impressive rock climbing wall) and the Student’s Union. 

Kai said “I enjoyed learning more about the university”. Cassie and Safaa said they enjoyed the question and answer session with the current university students, as they were able to “ask loads of questions”. Olivia and Eliza found the Pictionary Course Game really helpful to learn about the many different courses you can study at university.


NHS Best Start in Life Health Hack

In preparation for their future careers, students with ambitions to enter the healthcare sector took part in a workshop delivered by the NHS.  Our students were able to increase their awareness of health attitudes and behaviours, and the impact they can have in their local community. This was part of a wider programme focusing on helping to reduce the risk of maternal poor health and infant mortality, as Birmingham currently has higher than average rates. 

The workshop also introduced students to the different career opportunities within healthcare.

Students enjoyed taking part in a variety of engaging activities and now have something they can reflect on in their university or apprenticeship interviews.


Careers Fair 2023

Our annual Careers Fair was one of our biggest yet. Employers and apprenticeship providers helped our pupils to explore their career options and discussed apprenticeship routes into professions, including careers in Finance, Public Services, HR, Hospitality and Pathology. Meanwhile providers from our local colleges and universities across the country offered advice to all of our pupils on their future learning journeys, whether they are choosing degrees, A levels, vocational courses, T Levels, traineeships or apprenticeships, there was lots of advice on hand. Every pupil has the chance to visit the fair, every year, to gain an insight into the options ahead and ask different questions at each stage of their career journey. We offer our thanks to all of the people who volunteered to support us with this event.

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