Ukraine Fundraiser

Pupils raise £849.97 for UNICEF Ukraine appeal with an image from the following and then link to an article below

Pupils called for us to take action in support of other young people facing unbelievable hardships. As a school we responded, led by the Beacon Values representatives who came up with a fantastic programme of fundraising activities, designed to ensure that as many people as possible could get involved. 

Following a brilliant assembly in which Beacon Values Representatives articulated what young people in Ukraine were going through, pupils were enabled to take part in a multitude of ways. 

Everyone involved: Consideration for others     

All form groups created sunflowers, the national symbol of Ukraine and our hope for their brighter future. Pupils wrote messages of solidarity to the young people of Ukraine. 

All form groups were tasked to collect small change in bottles! The form raising the most will receive a prize, but all of our pupils must be commended on their generosity and thoughtfulness. They have done us proud! 

Pupils also had the chance to take part in a ‘Guess how many sweets in the jar’ competition. The proud winner will soon be announced, but this raised a whooping £76.45.

Participation to support UNICEF 

As well as the opportunities above, some pupils elected to take part in some fundraising activities including a large scale art installation, human sized sunflowers, a swimming gala and a walk around the school field.  

This also raised well over £100 to add to our grand total. 

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