UKMT Junior Mathematics Challenge

Following on from the successes of the UKMT Intermediate Mathematics Challenge, some of our Year 7’s and 8’s participated in the Junior Mathematics Challenge with incredible success.

This began with M. Ishaq, M. Taylor, M. Zaman, B. Taylor, and A. Gogna each scoring high enough to achieve Gold awards and qualify for the Junior Kangaroo challenge on Tuesday 15th June 2021.

Additionally, J. Johnson, G. Sehra, and S. Tanwar achieved Silver awards. Whilst E. Gabitas, A. Griffiths, N. Lyndon, E. Harris, R. Pickford, E. Hillier, M. Neal, H. Patel, and C. Zeng all received Bronze awards. All in year 7!

From the Year 8 participants there were silver awards for J. Hegney, E. Ghuman, I. Greaves, K. Marwaha, L. Sedawi, G. Kaur, H. Taylor, A. Basra, K. Tobias, J. Lyndon, A. Swaine, and R. Hegney R. Balu, E. Riley, S. Compton, J. Stokes, and B. Lee all earned Bronze awards.

Well done to all from a very proud Mathematics Department!

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