Students Dig Up School History

We are excited to announce that we have discovered a time capsule, which was buried on the school site in 1996.  

The contents of the capsule reveal what the curriculum was like in 1996. Items inside the treasure trove include photographs, textbooks and a floppy disk, which today’s students could barely recognise.

Our Senior Team was chosen to open the capsule. You can watch this, live as it happened, on this video:

We knew there was a time capsule buried on our site, but it was not until we received a photograph from a former teacher that we had any idea where it was located.  This could not come at a better time, with our anniversary celebrations right around the corner: Our school is sixty years old this year and we are having a special evening to commemorate this on Friday 12th July. 

We are looking forward to having former pupils and teachers back on site.  Our initial allocation of five hundred tickets sold out rapidly but we have released some more because we know demand is still high.

Stay tuned to our website: Barr Beacon’s Senior Team will shortly be launching a competition to decide what to put in a new time capsule to represent 2019.

And if you recognise any of the students in the original photo (from 1996) – or maybe you are one of them yourself! – please get in touch so you can help us learn more about the time capsule.

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