Smashed Project – Year 7 Performance

On 4th March, Year 7 pupils had a performance from the Smashed Project performance theatre group as part of their learning within their PSHE curriculum. The performance was about the dangers of drinking alcohol and about peer pressure leading young people to drinking even when they knew that they should not. The story followed a teenager and his two older friends. Despite his academic success and talents outside of school as a footballer and athlete, he succumbed to peer pressure and drank more than he should have done. Aside from the immediate after-effects, he knew it was not in his character and felt ashamed of his behaviour.  

Pupils engaged well with the content and in the forum theatre afterwards had the chance to provide some really excellent answers, showing how well informed they are about the dangers of alcohol. They also knew what to do if someone they knew was in a similar situation, offering a wealth of answers about what they could do to support a friend or peer. 

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