Holocaust Memorial Day

On Friday, 27th January 2023, it is Holocaust Memorial Day. It is a time of reflection and respect to those who gave up their lives, fighting against prejudice and discrimination. Despite this being in the past, it’s significant to learn from the Holocaust and find how we can challenge prejudice today. This is because not only was the Holocaust a historic tragedy, but a human tragedy. This year, the theme is ordinary people and it is important to acknowledge how ordinary people were not only witnesses and bystanders but also rescuers and persecutors. At Barr Beacon School we have been reflecting on how we, as ordinary people, have the potential to challenge prejudice and discrimination in today’s society. As part of our Beacon Values to act responsibly and to never discriminate we can spread awareness and share testimonies of those who sacrificed their lives during the Holocaust; sharing a part of history which we should all learn from-for a better future.

“Whoever hears a witness, becomes a witness.”-Elie Wiesel (Survivor)

Dilraaj Kang – 6th form leadership team

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