Colour Fun Run – Sixth Form Charity Event

We were pleased to see the sun shining on Tuesday 7th May 2024 as this meant Sixth Form students were able to go ahead with the planned charity fun run.

Over 150 students took part in this fun event, where they ran a lap of the school field whilst throwing coloured powder over each other!  They raised £256.50 which will go into the pot to be shared between the 2 charities we are supporting this year – Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Humanity First.  

Here are some feedback comments from the students:

“The anticipation was worth it! It was such an amazing time filled with happiness and every worry left all of us as we just got to be kids again whilst raising money for charity! I will never forget this day or the memories created and I hope to do this again next year!” Z. Barkat (12M2)

“It was a great way to spend time with my friends.  I enjoyed running around and throwing colours at each other! I had a lot of fun and cannot wait to do it again.”  T. Vu (12W1)

“The colour run was a really fun and memorable way of spending the afternoon and raising money for charity. It was definitely something that the Sixth Formers had been looking forward to and it was brilliant to be able to spend time with friends, enjoy the weather and have some good fun, all in the interest of charity. I will definitely be participating in next year’s event!”  A. Bains (12W2)

“I wish the colour run had lasted longer because we all had so much fun! As I was walking out of school, there were a lot of compliments on my colourful clothes.  When asked how the event went, the words that sprung to mind were: Absolutely perfect!” K. Stevenson (12W1) 

“I am not a keen runner but the colour run was one of the best experiences I’ve had! 10/10 – I would definitely do it again!” Z. Inman (12M2)

“I really enjoyed watching how I gradually became coated in thick powder and started to resemble  a rainbow – a time before being stained blue exists!” R. Lee (12W2)

“The colour run, once again, was an amazing experience! It was such good fun with my friends and we raised more money for charity!”  I. Caley (13C2)

“It was a welcome break from the pressure of revision and exams.  I am glad I took part in this event again.  The weather was beautiful which made it even more enjoyable!  It is humbling to know how much we raised for charity.”  J. Coley (13B1)

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