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Pupils on our School Council created this assembly to inform others about the origins of Black History Month and why it is so important. [This version is narrated by Mr Foster, Assistant Headteacher, who leads School Council]

World Mental Health Day is drawing attention to the reality that people with certain protected characteristics are more prone to mental health issues. As this assembly makes clear, not everyone begins at the same starting point.


ACE (Award for Creative Excellence)

Pupils at Barr Beacon in Year 7 and 8 are currently working towards their ACE award in their Technology and Performing Arts lessons. 

The Award for Creative Excellence encourages pupils to become creative leaders, helping to develop their communication and collaboration skills. The ACE award is designed to help pupils express various art forms, giving them a platform to share their understanding and knowledge of the Arts. 

ACE is an example of Cultural Capital at Barr Beacon, offering an opportunity to have a valuable experience of the Arts. The award explores the interconnectivity of various disciplines in the Arts, as well as learning about inspiring practitioners. Throughout the ACE curriculum all skills that are taught relate back to the Beacon Values. Lessons show the importance of these values and how they relate to creative tasks and challenges. 

We are now offering Year 7 pupils an amazing opportunity to purchase an ACE pack. Each pack is full of exciting resources including a variety of Art resources, alongside Textile, Media and Food challenges / hints and tips. Please see letter on the school website for more information and full pack content. The deadline for payment is Friday 15th October. This needs to be done through wisepay.   

The following ACE clubs that are running this half term are: 


Turing Scheme 2022

Matrix Academy Trust can proudly announce that we have been successful in two bids for the new Turing Scheme. We will therefore be able to offer experiences across all five Matrix secondary schools for 100 pupils to go abroad to experience life in Spain or Germany in 2022. The Turing Scheme replaces the Erasmus project, which, for many years, has supported pupils to travel, learn and study internationally.

We will shortly be opening applications for 10 Year 8 pupils to apply to go on the Turing Germany project and a further 10 Year 9 pupils to apply to go on the Turing Spain project. Our projects are planned to take place in Fulda near Frankfurt in Germany and the Costa Del Sol in Spain.

For the successful applicants this will be a life-changing opportunity: the chance to travel internationally, working alongside other pupils from the Matrix Academy Trust schools and meeting German or Spanish pupils. Pupils taking part will also take part in pre-mobility work between schools to learn about the host countries culture, language, food, schools and ways of life.


Open Morning 2021


Following our Open Evening on 16th September and Open Morning on 17th September, we are having another Open Morning on Friday 1st October, from 9am until 10pm. You will need to arrive for 9am to hear the Headteacher’s presentation. 

Space limited and tickets MUST be booked in advance.


Alumni News

We are delighted to hear that our former Head Girl (2015-16) has graduated in Medicine with a First Class Honours Degree – a fantastic achievement for a remarkable student.  Her Year 7 Form Tutor has a clear memory of a PSHE lesson when Lois shared her career aspiration:  “I want to be a doctor!”  And now, 12 years later, a doctor she has become!  Congratulations Dr Lois Guy-Hickson!  We are all very proud of you! We wish her well as she embarks on the next stage of her career.

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Year 7 Wild Reading Challenge

  • Are you joining us in Year 7 in September 2021? This summer, take a photo of yourself reading in the weirdest and wildest location you can.​
  • Wherever you travel, take your book with you!​
  • We want to see pictures of you and your book out in the wild.​
  • Prizes to be won for the best three photographs!​

Send your pictures in to readingchallenge by September 10th to be entered​.


Read around the world

Books can take you anywhere…

This summer, read a book that is set somewhere far away. It could be another country, at the seaside, or even on another planet! Fill out a postcard all about where your book took you and enter a prize draw to get a £10 book voucher!

Download a postcard template HERE. Send your completed postcards to by September 10th to be in the prize draw!


What does climate action ask of me?

Written By A.Bromwich Head Girl

The global momentum for action on climate change has been difficult to ignore. The younger generations are fighting for their future and making their voices heard but, at times, it is difficult for us to know how to join in or what real difference our actions can make.

Later this year the UN’s Climate Change Conference is being held a 5 hour car journey away from you in Glasgow. Bringing together world leaders and communities with the 4 main aims: to stay within a 1.5°C temperature rise, to help protect communities and natural habitats, to mobilise climate finance and to finalise the Paris rulebook. From the words of COP26 President Alok Sharma “If we choose to act, there is another future possible.”

Globally, we all have dreams and aspirations for our futures but, for this, we need a future that supports people and the planet. Climate change hasn’t yet caused catastrophic harm in the UK or hampered people’s access to basic human rights, including clean water.  Yet.

The most valuable thing you can do is let your voices be heard and act because, contrary to what people like to say, young people are at the front of almost every major change.

I want to suggest some small things that we could be doing especially during the countdown to the COP26 summit.

  1. Read about the COP26 summit and other organisations that are making changes in mitigating the climate crisis. It’s always good to know the information behind something you’re supporting.
  1. Follow accounts on social media that are sharing information and work they are doing with the climate crisis such as
  1. Help the environment on a small scale such as litter picking when walking in your local area.
  1. Ask the question “Do I really need this?” when buying your ‘summer’ wardrobe to reduce your consumption of fast fashion.
  1. If you think something could be changed to be more climate friendly or sustainable don’t be afraid to speak up about it.

Just remember that actions do not need to be perfect or elaborate to make a difference. Like the story of the starfish on the beach, the young girl could not save all the starfish but she was able to make a difference to just one.


Planting the Future

Three Year 7 pupils have planted saplings in the school grounds as part of a local environmental project. Daniel, Sophie and Mohammed are all keen Beacon Values Representatives, who wanted to take part to show their consideration for the others and the community. Each year Daniel, Sophie and Mohammed will follow the growth of the trees as they progress through Barr Beacon School. We will revisit each spring to see how both the trees and pupils are getting on.


  • Favourite Subject: History
  • Careers Aspiration: Unsure 


  • Favourite Subject: English and Maths
  • Careers Aspiration: NHS Nurse


  • Favourite Subject: Maths
  • Careers Aspiration: Astronomer

Our thanks extend to the The Aldridge Rotary Club and Aldridge District Lions Club, for organising this project, and to the Woodlands Trust, who donated the saplings. 

Photography by W Mellor (Deputy Head Boy)

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