Young Writers Competition

Elijah in Year 10 has won £100 and a trophy for his short story which he wrote for Young Writers’ ‘Spine Chiller’ competition. His entry was picked out of more 14,000 entries from pupils across the country!
You can read his story below.

I See You

I see you, you’ve seen me, you just don’t know it yet. What a foolish child, brought into this tormenting world just to be taken, by me. Every footstep lures you to the shining gates of the afterlife. I see you. The crows holler their tune of warning, you ignore, foolish.

You venture into the unknowing shadows of the church. I’m on the prowl, with each step in perfect harmony, with the dagger being unleashed.

You’ve noticed me. Accept your fate. You nod your head to the beat of death as you draw your last eternal breath. I see you.

By Elijah G(14)

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