Year 12 Workshop – Wednesday 20th March 2024

56 of our Year 12 Psychologists and Biologists spent the morning taking part in a workshop on Addiction.  The workshop was led by a final year undergraduate student from the University of Manchester.

The interactive session was based around the neurobiology of addiction, including how the use of nicotine and cocaine impact our brain and health. Students completed tasks throughout the session, with a focus on group work and collaboration. Their final task was to create and deliver a persuasive presentation to their peers, summarising what they had learnt and further implementing their knowledge. 

Comments from the students:

“I thought the session was really interesting and engaging and I appreciated the mix of both listening and collaborative aspects. I also liked that we received feedback after each section of the booklet, allowing us to mark it because it meant that any mistakes or misconceptions were quickly rectified. I also thought the booklet was well organised and I liked the colour changes and co-ordination for each of the different sections.” Z. Copeland 12M2

“I enjoyed how after the knowledge was taught there were different activities to do to check our understanding and we were able to discuss our answers with others around us. The workbook was very useful as the knowledge was in there with diagrams and different ways of explaining addiction.”  O. Fallowfield 12C1

Our guest then opened the floor to questions around her field of study. Our students were also keen to ask about her experience of university, including the difficulty compared to A level and how to know which course is right for you.

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