Why Our Thoughts Are With Those in World Conflict

By Charlie Birch – Deputy Head Boy

The Russian invasion of Ukraine strongly opposes the ideals of peace and unity. No wonder so many of our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people.

Vladimir Putin’s wrongful ambition to unite former USSR nations under Russian rule replicates the unwarranted behaviour of previous political leaders, such as Adolf Hitler, who embarked upon war and persecuted the lives of so many innocent civilians. The recent events lead us to also think about those who have suffered conflict in the likes of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. Our thoughts are also with the people in all countries who may not be making the headlines right at this moment.

From these conflicts, we can develop understanding and learn from them. Here at Barr Beacon, we can develop the mentality of always treating others with respect. We can also understand that certain actions and behaviours can be unnecessary and that our behaviour can have an impact upon others. This also leads to the point that your actions will have consequences, which is currently shown by the majority of the globe sanctioning Russia. This overall, enforces a new meaning behind taking responsibility in advocating humility and kindness towards other people.

Donations exceeding £1 billion have been generated in Europe to support Ukrainians in need. Furthermore, volunteers are being deployed in camps on the borders of Ukraine and neighbouring countries, providing food, drink, shelter and medical assistance. The swift response to support those in need embodies what we at Barr Beacon School want to encourage in our pupils.

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