Senior Team Blog: Black Lives Matter

By H. Kumar-Mehay, Head Girl

The world may seem to be a scary place right now. But the scariest thing of all is the thought of turning a blind eye to the issues in our society, the thought of not educating ourselves. Not just on the health issues that our world faces today but the social issues that people of colour, in particular that black people, face every day.

Over the past few weeks, the problems that face black people every day have suddenly caught the mainstream media’s attention and now hopefully yours. It seems that every few years the Black Lives Matter movement appears as ‘important’ as if these lives are only to be cared over a certain period of time. These problems, however, are not short term for this community. Unfortunately, it seems as if these problems that are faced are ones that have an unlimited lifespan. We cannot live in a world where a person’s skin colour determines if some people will come back home to their families. People should be able to live their lives without the constant fear of getting stopped for appearing ‘suspicious’, determining if they will live to see another day or die.

We should refuse to ignore this truth and refuse to not share this truth with others. If you are unaware of the problems that black people face today, I am not here to advise you to do some research. I am here to tell you that you must. You must research and educate yourselves to help fix a system built upon discrimination and antagonism. To help build a future we all deserve, we must be better so we can live in a world where we are emancipated from the destructiveness of injustice that affects black people today. In this day and age, it is simply not enough to not be racist. We need to be to actively anti-racist.

Thank you.

To all those black individuals who have lost their lives to injustice, we will fight for peace so that you can rest in peace. Here are some of those names. Names we must never forget.

Educate yourself

Reading list

BLM movement

White privilege and ally meaning

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Where to donate if you can:

Links for petitions

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Sign the petition to battle racism by updating GCSE reading lists

Sign the petition to make it compulsory for Anti-Racism Education in U​.​K. Schools

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