Saltmine Theatre Production – Switch up

Year 7 pupils had the chance to watch a theatre in education performance from theatre company, Saltmine, as part of their PSHE programme. The play led pupils through the story of two friends, both with bright futures. Whilst Daniel began to turn t oa life of violence and crime, the other friend, a footballer, ends up dead as the result of a brawl. Much like Romeo and Juliet, when Mercutio is killed under Romeo’s arm whilst duelling Tybalt, both deaths were senseless, fuelled by unjustifiable paranoia and fear. 

Echoing our Beacon Values, the production and workshops afterwards, promoted the message of ‘Be Yourself’, being true to who you are and what you know is right. To think for yourself and not as a group. The message also linked to the values of ‘Acting Responsibly’ and ‘Owning your actions.’ 

Pupils valued the workshops after the performances in which they learned the truth about knife crime, the myth that carrying a knife protects you, the fact that most people that carry a knife end up hurting a friend or themselves. Pupils left the sessions very clear that knife crime is completely avoidable. The final message that if you ever encounter a knife, the best, and only proper response, is to run as fast as you can, hit home hard. 

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