Maths Revision Resources

This is a selection of some of the Maths department’s favourite websites to help aid independent work and revision completed at home:

Maths Watch –

Log onto the system using your unique login and password, once on the system to access questions click on ‘my progress’ at the top of the screen then click on the bar next to the topic you want to work on, if you have trouble with this pop and see your maths teacher. 

Maths Genie –

The GCSE revision tab is particularly useful and has revision notes and model answers with questions along with questions for you to attempt and then also the solutions for these questions.

BBC Bitesize –

This is the new version of BBC Bitesize which has been updated with the resources for the new specification, it has guided run through on techniques, video clips, activities and tests to complete. This covers all topics on the new GCSE specification.

Mr Barton Maths –

This website gives you a while variety of resources from past exam papers (remember these are the old specification papers) to “walking and talking notes”, it also has revision notes on the majority of topics and includes a lot more, it is well worth a look around to see what is available!

Corbett Maths

This has questions and practice papers to access on the website along with videos on how to complete some of the practice papers. There is also a “5 a day section” which allows you to practice 5 different questions from 5 different topics for every day of the year. 

On Maths –

Please remember the predicted paper is only what they think – there is no guarantee that these questions or topics will come up. The computer only awards marks for fully correct answers and not working out and the marks down the side may change for the real exams as they are only rough guides!

Don’t forget you also have access to maths workout numbers 1 to 8 on the system which can be accessed through the start menu -> maths then clicking on them, they are split into sections as follows :

  1. Number work
  2. Number work
  3. Shape and space work
  4. Shape and space work
  5. Data handling work
  6. Data handling work
  7. Algebra work
  8. Algebra work

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