Flying High with the Cadet Force.

In the past few weeks, 24 of our cadets here at Barr Beacon School were fortunate enough to attend two flying days at RAF Cosford near Stafford. The aim of these flying days is to introduce the cadets to the basics of propelled flight and earn them their first flying badge which they can wear with pride on their uniforms. 

Both days began with a drive to the RAF station where the cadets all underwent an initial safety training session, which taught them how to react in an emergency whilst in the air – something that very rarely happens!! All of the cadets sat apprehensively and trying not to show how nervous some of them were prior to getting placed into a flying order.  Once all of the safety and practices were completed it was time to suit up in the style of Maverick from top gun. 

They donned their aviator flying suits and helmets before being taken out to the planes. Once in the cockpit, they all took to the skies for a 20min flying lesson (with a qualified pilot) in which they all got to control the aircraft for themselves as they soared above the Staffordshire countryside. Whilst in the air they got to experience some of the stomach-churning manoeuvres that some of us would gladly pass on. One of the cadets expressed how the ‘Barrel Roll’ was the best thing they had ever done – I just smiled and agreed!!! 😊

By the end of each day all of the cadets had earned a flying badge, experienced an adrenaline rush and slowly came back down to earth. We finished the experience off with a visit to the RAF museum (co-located with the flying school), before returning back to school with stories of who had done the best loop of the day. 

All of the cadets enjoyed the day away from school, experiencing something completely different and look forward to their chance to fly high again.  A big thanks goes out to the staff of 8AEF and in particular Flt Lt Rob Lewis for making the day very memorable for our cadets. 

We now are turning our attention to Armistice Day and remembering those who have given and continue to give so much to our Country and Communities. LEST WE FORGET. 

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