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With a world population of nearly eight billion people, we are all unique and from varying cultures. It is these differing cultures and traditions that we are all proud to celebrate.  

Diversity is defined as the range of human differences, including, but by no means limited to: race, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation. In recognising and embracing different backgrounds, communication amongst individuals is greatly valued which in turn leads to successful innovations. With Barr Beacon School openly encouraging the sharing and representation of our diversity, we have created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all pupils, students and staff.

Our Beacon Values consist of ‘Be Yourself’, ‘Equal to Everyone’ and ‘Never Discriminate’ all of which openly recognise our diversity and promote an open discussion of our own personal cultures and traditions. With assemblies focusing on key events through the year such as celebrating LGBTQ+ and Black History Month, we focus on diversity and its historical importance. There have been a range of themed lunch menus in the Bistro, providing the opportunity to get a taste of foods from different cultures: Chinese New Year, Black History Month, St. George’s Day and Diwali have all been promoted through food.

Our interest in diversity is not limited to exploring these cultures in school but also providing opportunities where we are able to experience them first hand. The Matrix ‘Far from Home’ Turing scheme 2023/24 aims to promote an international outlook for our pupils by exploring countries such as Sweden, Italy and Peru. Last academic year, some of our Sixth Form students were fortunate to visit Japan and experience the Japanese way of living. These life-changing experiences allow us to have a more open perspective and an appreciation for these cultures.

Most recently, we have been celebrating diversity through our Culture Day, organised by Sixth Formers, to explore varying cultures within our school community. Diversity was not just limited to wearing national dress but also by tasting food and engaging in culturally related activities, such as hair braiding, a penalty shoot-out, playing the dohl and rolling rotis. Over 80 students were involved in the planning of this day, narrowing down the best parts of our traditions and heritage. 21 different nations were exhibited. We raised a staggering £593.63 through the sampling of food and drink from around the world. This money will be added to our charity pot and donated to Humanity First and Birmingham Children’s Hospital – the two charities Barr Beacon School is supporting this year.  You can read more about our Culture Day by following this link: https://barrbeaconschool.co.uk/culture-day-exhibition/

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