Culture Day Exhibition

Seeing the hard work of our Sixth Form Students come to fruition was a wonderful sight on Culture Day!  A group of 80 students have worked collaboratively over the last 2 months to put together a programme that was enjoyed by the whole school.

21 different nations were represented and students proudly showcased their heritage through wearing their national dress, music, food and drink and local activities.  They also put together a slide show, that was shown to all pupils and students over the week, sharing information about the different nations. 

Pupils and students from Years 7 to 13 visited the exhibition throughout the morning, partaking in the different activities and, for a small charitable donation, they were able to sample food and drink from the different nations.  Pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 were given the extra challenge of completing an ‘Around the World’ game of bingo.  Congratulations to our winners: T.Osborne (7W1), H.Seedat(8C1), N.Hancock (8M1) and M.Abdul-Gani (9B1).  Our other winner was M.Kalia (9W2) who won the ‘Roll the Roundest Roti’ challenge.

Places ‘visited’ were: Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Bangladesh, China, Gujrat (India), Punjab (India), Pakistan (Kashmir, Punjab and the north-west), Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, England, with a special Beaky Blinder tribute to the Black Country, Estonia, Slovakia and Wales.

Our Sixth Form students’ aim was to leave everyone hungry for more and that is exactly what happened!  They received overwhelming feedback from staff and pupils.  The day was a huge success and just over £600 was raised for our chosen charities (Birmingham Children’s’ Hospital and Humanity First). 

Well done to our student ambassadors for doing such an amazing job!  We are very proud of them.

Feedback received:

“It was class!  I loved trying the different foods and doing the penalty shoot-out!  I tried the belly-dancing too!”  S.Doggart (11M2)

“Well done to the team of Sixth Formers who made it very enjoyable to visit each stall. I learned a lot and loved it!”  Mrs Matharu (Maths teacher)

“We loved trying the different foods. The activities such as clay modelling were fun!”  (7W1)

Pupils in 11C1 said: 

 “It was just really lovely!”

‘We wished we could have more time as it was so busy but there was such a lot to see!’ 

“It was great!”

“Please make sure there is another one next year!”

11B1 added:

“The food was great!”

“The music was great!”

“We are looking forward to getting involved with helping to organise it next year!”

“Talking to colleagues we’ve all agreed that the students did themselves proud. They were so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the different cultures. A big success all round!”  Miss Lloyd (Year 12 Tutor)

A group of year 10 pupils said “The food was all so good!  We loved being able to get involved and have henna done as well as having the chance to wear the bindis.  Hopefully it will be on next year!”

“The photographs are so lovely! Thank you for capturing such a fantastic day! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Culture Day!”  Miss Begum (History teacher)

“I thought this was a real success and I thoroughly enjoyed popping in. The Sixth Formers were amazing.  Well done to them all!”  Mr Brocklebank (MFL teacher)

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