Back to school: Be brave, be you!

Ibrahim Sohail – Head Boy

September. The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting colder, and after what feels like years, we’re back at school.

The final weeks of August mark the dreaded back to school shop which I’m certain everyone loves(!).

Although, if I’m perfectly honest, I do LOVE it.

It’s allowed me to justify my need to go shopping, from buying ANOTHER new maths set (which I always lose) to a fresh set of school shoes. I’ve always enjoyed the shop before the start of term, having everything perfectly organised, then waking on the highly awaited first day, body pumping with adrenaline, ready to see my friends and get learning.

The new school year marks the next step in your education, whether that be our new peers just beginning their secondary school journey, the Year 11s ready for GCSEs or us Year 13s in our final year of A-levels and our final year at Barr Beacon *cries uncontrollably*.

Wait what! Final year? That’s actually crazy!

But my point is, no matter what stage of education we are now in, we are all such amazing people with such amazing talents and let’s make the most of our talents and wisdom this school year. So go learn the ukulele, go play football for a team. Grasp the opportunities given to you this year, be brave, be YOU!

I think it’s so important to never forget how privileged we are to have access to such high-level education facilities, when over 40% of the world do not. It’s vital to always remain grateful for what we have and continue to be the amazing people we are.

Now, I’m sure by now, we are all quite used to our new (COVID-necessary) school routines. Returning to/joining school has not been ‘normal’ this September, but we’ve all shown true Barr Beacon resilience and togetherness by adapting to the new COVID measures put into place, we’ve got to continue what we’re doing to keep ourselves and everyone safe.

Our lovely staff at Barr Beacon have worked tirelessly to make our return safe whilst still providing the highest quality of education, as always. A big shout out and thank you to the caretakers, bistro staff, teachers and ALL staff at Barr Beacon School. We appreciate you!

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