Anthea Bell Translation Prize

Two of our keen Key Stage 3 linguists entered Oxford University’s Anthea Bell Translation competition, which this year focusses on translation of poetry. Translators are encouraged to be creative with their English to maintain the rhyme and rhythm of the original piece. Congratulations to Alexandra (Year 7 German) and Lillith (Year 8 French) who sent off as our school entries to the regional competition. 

Congratulations to Alexandra of 7C1 who was the Midlands runner up in a German translation competition run by Oxford University! 

Alexandra’s prize winning translation can be seen below.

Wind and weather – Rhymed

It rains, it showered,

A fish, I encountered,

It writhes, it is dodging,

Who can’t find his way back to its lodging

It snows, it snows,

The Christmas tree stands ready to go,

It is glaciating,

Someone should be busy decorating.

It gets dark, it is dimmed,

A small aeroplane glistened,

It flies, it flies,

And knows where Oslo lies.

It thaws, it is proud,

The weather today is loud,

It roars, it roars,

I too am perplexed.

It airs, it airs,

The meadow humms and smells,

It sprouts, it sprouts,

Who has a cold, sneezes.

There is lightning, it flashes,

A sparrow reflects and sits,

It drips, it trickles,

Its heart and mine beats.

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