Adapting to Change

Written by Head Students Daniel P, Makara M and Dilraaj K.

Her Majesty the Queen served our country for 70 years. She has left a legacy as the longest serving British monarch and the longest reigning female monarch in world history. Queen Elizabeth became an international icon who worked alongside 15 British Prime Ministers. She was not only a mother, grandmother and great grandmother to her family, but she was akin to a grandmother to our generation.

From being a mechanic during the Second World War to becoming Head of the Commonwealth, the Queen was nothing short of outstanding. She endured many hardships during her reign, yet continued to portray devotion and selflessness to the Commonwealth. On 8th September 2022, Her Majesty’s death touched the hearts of many people around the world.  During the period of mourning thousands of people, from home and overseas, paid their respects to Her Majesty and reflected on the remarkable work that she carried out during her reign.

Now, as we start a new era under the reign of King Charles III, we will all experience some level of change.  We will have new coins and notes, postage stamps will look different, the words to our national anthem will be amended slightly and, with the line of succession to the throne shifting, many of us will never know another queen in our lifetime.

As well as the country changing, many of us have been going through our own individual changes: Year 7 have made the transition from primary to secondary school; Year 11 have transitioned into Sixth Form; we have all moved on to the next stage of our journey at Barr Beacon School and there are new faces amongst the staff.

Change is a part of life which we all experience and embrace, making the most of new opportunities that will help us grow as a person and help us to adjust to new circumstances.  Some of us will take longer than others to adjust to change. Our advice to you all would be to look back at the past with fondness and to look forward to the future with excitement, as there are many great things to come. Although it is perfectly natural to feel anxious, it is always good to talk about your feelings and to seek advice from those you trust.

“It’s worth remembering that it is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change.” – Queen Elizabeth II.

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