Results Days 2020

A level (Year 13 students)

Thursday 13th August

Due to the current situation with Covid 19 and social distancing measures that are in force, we are having to limit the number of students who are on site on Results Day.

You should have received a personalised letter via email with this information.

If you have applied through UCAS this year, and may need our support calling universities on Results Day, you will need to collect your results from school at 8:00am on Thursday 13th August 2020.  This early start will give us the best chance to secure university offers.

Due to the current situation with Covid 19 and social distancing measures that are in force, we are having to take extra precautions:

  • You need to arrive at school from 7:45am.
  • You must go straight to the top gate upon arrival. 
  • You will line up at a distance of 2 metres and wait to enter the site.  
  • Once you are on the school grounds, you will enter an open marquee where your temperature will be taken by a member of staff who will be wearing full PPE.  
  • You will be directed to wash your hands in an infra-red activated sink for at least 20 seconds. 
  • You will then be guided to collect your results which will be available from 8:00am. 

If you have accepted an unconditional offer as your firm choice, and so will not need our support calling universities on the day, you will receive your results via email.  We will email them to your school email account between 8.00am and 8:15am on Thursday 13th August 2020.

If you have not applied through UCAS this year, and so will not need our support calling universities on the day, you will receive your results via email.  We will email them to your school email account between 8.00am and 8:15am on Thursday 13th August 2020.

Please rest assured that both Mrs Osborne and Miss Killick will be available to support you with your next steps should you need any help or advice.  You can contact them by email and they will respond to you as soon as they possibly can on the day or on Friday 14th August 2020, at the very latest.

If your plans have changed and you need support sooner, please contact Mrs Osborne by email before Thursday 16th July 2020.

Your Results, What Next? – Read the government guidance HERE.

Student Guide to Post 16 Results – HERE

GCSE (Year 11 pupils)

Thursday 20th August

On Friday 10th July, all pupils and were sent a personalised letter with their allocated arrival time and venue. It is imperative that they follow these instructions so we can manage social distancing.

If anyone would prefer to receive results via post, they must provide Mrs S Edwards (Exams Officer) with a stamped addressed envelope. If someone other than the pupil is collecting results, they must provide a permission letter signed by the pupil and must have with them some form of identification on Results Day. They will still need to attend at the time and venue mentioned in the letter.

Year 11 pupils from other schools who want to join our Sixth Form:

If we have made you a conditional offer and you meet our entry requirements and wish to take up your place, you will need to come into school between 1pm and 3pm on Thursday 20th August 2020. You must bring with you a copy of your GCSE results and either your birth certificate or passport (original documents only please as we are not able to accept copies). We cannot guarantee you will be able to take all the subjects you have chosen. This is dependent on group sizes.

Our Careers Team, Mr Altree and Miss Killick, will be available to support pupils with their next steps on Results Day, should they need any help or advice. If anyone needs any advice before, or after Results Day, please email or and they will respond to any emails at their first available opportunity. If you need more urgent advice, you can contact the Black Country Careers Hub through their self-referral service:

How did we decide on grades?

All schools across the country have followed the process laid out by the government for awarding Centre Assessment Grades. This process is explained in this video created by Ofqual, the organisation which regulates exams:

We are very confident we have assessed you with a high degree of accuracy. We undertook a lengthy, rigorous process with every Year 11 teacher participating in a series of meetings. Every grade was decided by whole teams, not individual teachers.

During these grading meetings, we used all available forms of evidence for every single grade, including mock exams, classwork, homework, coursework, prior attainment (how you had performed in previous years) as well as current effort. All grade decisions were rooted in evidence to eliminate any potential bias.

Over a period of several weeks, every grade was discussed multiple times, as part of a rigorous quality assurance process. Only when we were confident that we had graded everyone accurately did we send the grades to the exam boards.

Very important: the grades we submitted for you will not necessarily be the grades you receive on results day. That is because the exam board’s job is to make sure that the grades this year are consistent with those awarded to other pupils in previous years. That means there should be broadly the same proportion of pupils achieving the same grade in each subject as there were in previous years.

For instance, in 2019, 67% of pupils across the country achieved GCSE Grade 4 in English. This year, roughly the same proportion of pupils across the country will achieve GCSE Grade 4 in English, even if schools submitted lots more Grade 4s.

Similarly, around 76% of A level grades are grade C every year. Therefore, roughly the same proportion will be a grade C this year, whatever schools submitted.

It is being widely reported that the grades submitted by schools across the country are significantly higher than in previous years:

This will mean that some grades will change. “Insiders” say this could affect around 40% of grades.

Here is a video from Ofqual with more details about how they are making grades consistent with previous years:

What you need to know about BTEC subjects

We were not asked to supply whole Centre Assessment Grades for BTECs. Instead, we were asked to grade any individual components not yet completed by using all available evidence, just like we did with GCSEs and A levels. Overall grades will be calculated by the exam board by adding together these with the grades from any units already completed and verified by 20th March. Like GCSEs and A levels, these will be standardised.

On your results day, you will receive the final grade awarded by the exam board. You will also be able to request the grades for any components completed and verified by 20th March and the component grades we submitted Centre Assessment Grades for.

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