Barr Beacon School’s PSHE curriculum is designing in conjunction with government guidance to ensure our pupils are equipped for success during their teenage years and later in life. Our bespoke PSHE curriculum provides age appropriate and sensitive support for our pupils to allow them to explore and learn about themselves and the society that they are part of. 

E-Safety is the golden thread that runs across all of our PSHE lessons as we know that pupils need to be fully aware of how to keep themselves safe online at all times.

Global Goals

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change.

PSHE Resources

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The PSHE Curriculum

Our curriculum is divided in to six half terms and covers the below.

The programme is responsive to national and international news and current affairs. We also take into consideration pupil welfare and student voice and respond within the curriculum when this is appropriate to ensure that our PSHE curriculum is pertinent to the needs of our pupils.

Please see our curriculum overview for more information about what will be taught and when.


Barr Beacon & Me

Barr Beacon & me: this scheme of work teaches our pupils about our Beacon Values and about important role models, past and present, that exemplify them. Within this scheme, pupils will be introduced in detail to Fundamental British Values which underpin our Beacon Values. These are democracy, rule of law, mutual respect and tolerance and individual liberty.



Relationships and feelings/self-management: In this sequence of lessons pupils focus on how they conduct themselves in a variety of situations that may be new and challenging. Pupils look at strategies for managing situations such as family conflict and coping with their feelings in a positive way.


Healthy Minds

Healthy minds and lives: This sequence of lessons teaches our pupils about a wide range of factors such as mental health, healthy eating, personal care and lifestyle choices, such as substance misuse. Pupils learn to understand the signs where there is a concern in both themselves and others, and where to go for help and support.


Keeping Safe

Keeping safe as a member of UK society: Here our pupils will learn about the key issues that form our society here in the UK. This includes politics, the parliamentary system, human rights, gangs and knife crime. The content enables pupils to form their own reasoned and educated opinions on all topics covered.


Finance & Future

Finance and Future: This sequence of lessons focusses on the world of work and finance. Pupils explore the labour market and future job possibilities. They are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and their future career aspirations as well as looking at gaining an understanding of how they manage their current and future finances effectively and safely.


Growing Up

Growing up: In this sequence of lessons, pupils learn about the changes that they will face as they grow up into young adults and about key lifestyle choices that they will have to make in order to grow into healthy, well-informed individuals. This is for year 7 pupils.


Relationships & Sex

Relationships and Sex: Pupils look at a variety of different aspects of relationships and sex, including managing their emotions, different types of relationships, gender and what this means in 2021, consent and the law relating to sexual activity. Pupils are presented with the facts and information in a sensitive and age-appropriate way that enables them to make their own healthy, informed choices.


Religious Education

Religious Education: Here pupils look at key moral and ethical issues such as different religious beliefs about reincarnation and medical ethics, promoting reasoned discussion and an appreciation of the views of others on such sensitive issues. Religious Education is taught only in Year 10 & 11 PSHE as Year 7, 8 & 9 pupils have weekly Religious Education lessons.


PSHE lessons cover many aspects of social, moral, spiritual and cultural education. Alongside the school assembly calendar which prioritises national and international days of celebration and campaigns and a diverse calendar of outside speakers to enhance the PSHE provision of our pupils.

Pupils in Year 10 and 11 have Religious Education within PSHE time and explore moral and spiritual issues across major world religions.


At Barr Beacon School we believe that pupils should speak ‘Clearly and Confidently.’ We believe our pupils’ voices are what makes our school and they need to be heard. PSHE provides the opportunity for pupils to explore the world around them and learn about themselves and others through structured oracy opportunities. Gaining the poise and confidence to articulately express ideas is an essential part of PSHE education.

Beacon Values
What it means to be a Barr Beacon pupil.

Beacon Values teach our pupils explicitly about their rights, responsibilities and diversity within our society. Through the teaching of a discrete unit of work we teach our pupils about character values and how our Beacon Values exemplify the behaviours and attitudes needed to be a successful citizen. By learning about the ideas of Being Yourself, Equal to others, Act Responsibly, Consideration of others and the Environment, Own your actions and Never discriminate, pupils will learn about the history or prejudice and its effects on individuals and society. Pupils will also learn about individuals who changed history and brought about a more fair and just society.

Beacon Values are taught through high quality texts about role models that exemplify our school’s values. Pupils will investigate and explore these role models and the ideas of Beacon Values. Ultimately pupils will be asked to reflect on how they can put these values into practice both in school and out of school each year in order to support them in being ‘proud to succeed.’


Be Yourself


Equal to Everyone


Act Responsibly


Consideration for others and the environment


Own What You Do


Never Discriminate