Thank You and Goodbye

After up to 7 years for a lot of us, we are saying goodbye to Barr Beacon School. It has been our home from 8:30am until past 3:00pm every Monday to Friday and has become a building that will hold many memories and be the centre of the stories we tell as we get older.  

Years 11 to 13 have been a rollercoaster with highs and lows for each and every student in Sixth Form but we have nearly made it! It is a bittersweet goodbye as we leave teachers, classrooms and friends behind. Nevertheless, it is exciting to look forward to all that awaits us, whether that is university, an apprenticeship or a gap year. Whatever our next steps are, we would not have got to this point without all of the support we have received from the staff here at Barr Beacon School and for that we will forever be grateful. For the unseen work of our teaching staff, at home and staying late or arriving early, we thank you all. Individually and collectively you have, once again, impacted on the lives of another cohort of students.  

Whilst some of us may want to go back and change some things – like the student who wishes they had taken more BTECs; another who wishes they had taken more photographs to savour the memories of a fleeting two years; another who wishes revision was taken more seriously much earlier on – there are others who are looking back and are grateful for their conversations and even baking experiences with Mrs Osborne! Although part of our time was spent online (the sound of Teams notifications will probably stay with us forever), within it all there are memories we will carry forward and cherish.  

In years to come we will want to come back and relive it all. Unless time travel becomes a possibility, it will be through our wonderful memories that we continue to live our sixth form years. So again, we say thank you and goodbye to the school that has helped us to grow into the people we are today and set a foundation for the people we will be in the future. 

A Bromwich Head Girl 

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