Italian Adventure

15 pupils left school in the early hours of Wednesday morning to start their Italian adventure!

Day 1: We were taken to Naples City, where we had an overground tour of the famous city sites and saw three of the 40 churches in the city. We also had an underground tour of the ancient tunnels and chambers which were used by the Greeks and Romans. We ate fresh Napoli pizza, which was the ideal first meal in Italy. We rounded off the day with a refreshing swim in our hotel pool.

Day 2: What a jam-packed day! We started by climbing Mount Vesuvius. At the crater of the volcano we learnt about past eruptions and how the volcano is monitored. In the afternoon, we visited Pompeii which had been completely covered by an eruption from Mount Vesuvius back in AD79. We were in awe of the well-preserved buildings and were able to see the world’s oldest surviving ‘beware of the dog’ sign. On the evening we went to a Gelateria where we produced and tasted real Italian gelato.

Day 3: Firstly, we visited a buffalo mozzarella farm where we were able to pet the buffaloes and taste mozzarella, cheese and chocolate made with buffalo milk. The pupils really enjoyed petting the buffaloes, who were very friendly and calm.  We then spent the afternoon exploring Ancient Greek ruins and underground natural caves. For our final meal in Italy, we made our own pizzas which were delicious.

Miss O’Connor and Mr Nunn would like to congratulate pupils for their excellent behaviour and participation on the trip. Well done!

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