Are you smarter than a 12-year-old?

Five pupils are celebrating achieving ‘genius level’ results in MENSA’s world-renowned IQ test.

Two of these pupils exceeded the 160 IQ that Albert Einstein and Professor Stephen Hawking were said to have possessed. Arjan Singh Basra and Aarti Bhupla achieved an incredible ‘perfect score’ of 162. Kuran Marwaha, Katie Ord and Kaylisia Tobias each possess IQs of 152 putting them in the top 2% of the population.

Each pupil was delighted by their result.

Aarti Bhupla “My parents were very proud and I received video messages from family across the country.”

Arjan Singh Basra “I was speechless. My parents kept saying ‘wow’ and treated me to a family meal.”

Katie Ord “My Mum has shared the news far and wide. It has inspired my family to try the test too.”

Kaylisia Tobias “I’m so proud of myself for concentrating hard and focusing. I was treated to a lovely meal out with my family.”

Kuran Marwaha “My parents always advise me that you can do anything that you put your mind to if you work hard.”

We use the MENSA test because we are passionate about uncovering potential and nurturing it. We are delighted that these pupils have been recognised by MENSA as being in the top 2% of the whole country. Statistically, of course, not everyone can be a ‘genius’. But knowing they have a high IQ will encourage these pupils to push themselves further.

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